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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

12-31-08 Video Of The Week

In This Video of the Week, I revel all 5 of my Dogs (Curly, Asher, Stinky, Mattie and Lady) and my Ole Lady, This is how me and my Boys like to wake up the Ole Lady in the early mornings.

I also in this small clip of my Wizard and Knight Puzzle that me and the Ole Lady put together.

Thank you for Watching.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

One More Holiday To Go!

One more Holiday to go before the new year starts.

Christmas is Over
Thanksgiving is Over
Halloween is Over
Easter is Over

and whatever else holiday I have forgotten for the Year of 2008. I just a few more Days and Hours, we will be entering into the New World, New Time and New Year, Things will change, Things may Seem different, Things May be different, Many Things and Aspects will change for everyone.

New Resolutions will begain, Old ones be completed All for the Good of a Brand new Start for some and all Alike.

Enjoy your New Years as it approachs fast with a Safe heart.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

12-25-08 Special Christmas Video of the Week

Good morning everyone.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful christmas, I hope that everyone gets what they ask for and then some.

I would like to share this Special Video I've taken last night.

In this Little Video of the Week (Special), Me, Damian and Betty Put our 2nd year Christmas Ornaments on the Christmas Tree.

This is a very special moment that we've decided to do once a year, we as a Family go out, and purchase a new and different Christmas Ornament that Reflects ourself in the Ornament.

So enjoy the Small Video, It's from our Home to yours.

Have a Great and Safe Marry Christmas and Happy New Years!

Handi and the Family

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

12-24-08 Video of The Week

In This Video of the Week.  This is my 2 Dogs Playing, I have a total of 5 Dogs, But these 2 is who i got cought on Tape.

Curly and Mattie, I also got a Small Glimps of my 7' 5" Christmas Tree that we put up.

Enjoy the Video


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Here's the Dealio!

Here's the Problem with with being in a Wheelchair.

You get lots of Stares and looks as if something is wrong with you, and Scared looks as if this So called Wheelchair Disease wares off on you, or that it gives you some kind of mental Stress Disease also.

No one ever knows why so many people are So scared to approach someone in a Wheelchair or even acknowledge that they are just another person with the Inability to walk instead of having some kind of mental problem.

And besides this, we also have problems with Health, We Get Sick Easier, Get infections Easier, just more prone to stuff then the standard "Upright" as we call them. The people that can Walk, Run, Ice Skate etc.

Well I can Ice Skate in my Wheelchair also, I just roll around on a Slab of ice and hold my Wheels and move around like a Skateboard and all to do sliding and all, but this is besides the point!

I have got a UTI, Unfamiliar what a UTI is? Look it up, Get informed about certain matters that are to the Unknown.

Many Pet Peeves I have, maybe later on there will be a post about Pet Peeves and a Handi's Top 10 List of peeves.

This post was more of a Rant and Drama post about getting sick quicker then normal and having more inefections and problems then the next person, and not a Sympthy post either cause I don't want I'm Sorry to hear that, you are in my Prayers, and all of this other Shit I've heard Many times over in the past 20+ years that I have been Disabled.

It's more of just a Rant for some of the poeple that can relate, for the people that knows, for the people that just actually cares vs. the people that don't care.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Little Snow, A lot of Cold

How is everyone on this Fine COOOOOOLD morning?

As usual it's cold, Gas prices are still slightly down enough that it's not going to brake the bank for us this winter, well lets hope anyway, me and my ole lady are rejoycing because of it.

Normally around this time of the year, our gas bill runs around 350.00 a month during the winter, this hits us hard being low income and all. But we need heat for ourselves, our pets and our son. So we have to find away to pay it, we have also been trying to make a little extra money by selling some of our Hand Crafts on etsy store.

Of course, we haven't been doing very well with that either, I think it's because we don't have our name out there yet, or it's people don't like what we craft, whatever the veriable is behind why we arn't getting business, maybe it's not ment to be, Who knows.

We've tried getting a Job, but being Handicapped, the economy and the job market will now allow, you might as well say, have a Job because of Limitations they say, or they say, we don't have any openings, but yet, you see an imediate Hiring as soon as someone walks in the door, Then when you claim to throw a Law Suite on them, They just claim that the Job requires Heavy Lifting, Requires Upper area Organizing or anything that they can come up with to not hire you cause you will put a Damper on Sales cause you are what the customers see when they walk into the Store or office.

So, the best work I found, if we got sales that is, is behind the computer, I don't have to worry about listening to Dumb ass people say, You are under or over qualified, we arn't hiring right now, we can't hire you because it requires this and that, It's all Bullshit, So to eliminate the Middle man and work for Stupid people, I will work for myself, and what better boss to have?

You are your own Boss, You make your own Hours and Pay what better way is there? It's what I've always wanted... not really for Scroll Sawing, but more for Computers, But computers are moving so fast, i'm not sure what I want anymore so right now I'm sticking with Scroll Sawing.

If anyone is interested in checking my work out, Check some of the Older Post on this Blog, and goto and check out my newest projects that I have completed.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Unsuccessful Move

Hello everyone.

I tried last night for a few hours to move my Woodworking and Scroll Saw Working Blog "Handi's Workshop" to that email account. Which basically means that it wouldn't be on this "" Account it would be under my "" Account so that email could just be used and whatnot.

Well needless to say it didn't work out just quite like expected. I was able to retain all of my Blog post and all of my Comments, but i was not able to save all of my Saved Links, my Followers and all of my Widgets.

So I spent even more time last night setting shit back up, it wasn't a really great night for me as I was hoping more for the best then worse. Anyway, Everything is back to normal again except for the fact that I've got to run down all of my Visited and woodworking/scroll sawing links, which isn't too bad cause I follow most of them.

So here is what the main idea is, All of my followers are no more on my Workshop, so I just decided that I would post here, and ask that all of my followers that was following my Workshop Blog, to come back on over PLEASE!! :) and Re follow my Workshop

That would make it easier to receive notice of my Updated post and all that! If you don't remember the link, Click the title of this post, it will take you back to my Workshop.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Air in There!

I have just got my tire fixed. What a Relief and a load off my mind.

It becomes Frustrating when you can't move around that much or get where you need to get.

I had to change out a tube from one of my other chairs that has the same Size tires. unfortunately, my Tubes are not standard size as the standard wheelchair tire. Standard Tire is 24x1 3/4.

My Tires are 24x1 and Hold 110psi of Air, Racing Tires basically.

Anyway, I put one tube in, and it was previously patched and apparently still had holes or slow leak in the tube and didn't know that until the next day when it was flat again.

So I had to take it out again, and change it with the other tube on the other side, so far so good, it's holding up pretty well, at least until I can get my vendor to get me some more in case this happens again!

Once I got my tube in, I had to trot out to the Garage where I have my heavy Duty Air Compressor to air up my tire, that was a Job in it's self, just because I had to be careful on the road not to damage my rim and damage my tube I just replaced.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Flat Tire!

Hello everyone,

Not that this may be of interest to anyone's everyday Life, but unfortunately it's relevant to my Everyday life, just because I have to deal with mobility issues, especially when My wheelchair has Air Filled Tires.

I don't know how it happen, but I ended up with a Staple in my Wheelchair tire last night, I figured that if it was left alone, It would still hold a little air til I was able to fix it.

Well unfortunately, I was wrong, it works in cars, but not wheelchairs I guess. So I pulled off my Wheel, Took the tire and inter tube, Then I yanked the Staple out of course, that way I could find where the staple was puncturing my tube at.

And unfortunately I only had Adhesive Patches, don't know if anyone has used them, but they SUCK really bad, I've not gotten around to Airing my Tire up yet, cause the ole lady just went out the door to grab a little food for the house, and with 5 dogs and a 8 year old, you can't leave them in the house alone, so I guess that means another few minutes that I've got to sit here with no movement.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

GOOOOOOOOOD Morning Bloggers!

Gooooooood morning everyone.

I had the nice sweet sound of Grandmother yelling at Grandson, Dogs barking and of course not that you really wanted to know, but that urge that I'm sure just about every blogger and anyone else gets in the early chilled morning. The urge to have to get up on them cold hardwood floors to RUN To the Restroom.

But I decided to deny myself the urge to get up for a few more hours, not that I wanted to lay there wide awake, but was simply too cold to get up, Gas prices are still to high to my liking, which means higher gas bills in the winter to warm your house, not good especially when you are low income.

Anyway, just wanted to get up, shake myself awake and sit down in front of my computer and start my morning Coffee Drinking Reading and replying to Blog entry's and comments.

So here it goes.

To all of them that have decided to stay right here in my old home and listen to the likes of me just rambling on, I'm glad that you have done so, Obviously you've found some connection of my words or just in general my likeliness.

My easiness to portray myself and be story oriented of some sort, but anyway, the fact that some of you have stayed, some has come and gone which is fine, and the ones that stayed, they may like a little drama in there life, I'm not really a big fan of Drama, but Drama is a part of everyone's life.

It's what makes it interesting.

For them that decided to move on, that's a good also. For the ones that also do not like the Drama, but are more interested in My Woodworking Projects and my Scroll Saw Projects and don't want to stick around here to listen to all the Drama, head on over to my Workshop at, this is where it all happens, this is where all the woodworking action is at, so pick up your boards and carry them on over to the workshop and lets see what we can do with them.

One Mans Board is another Mans Bench or something like that.

Anyway, all woodworkers and scrollers head on over to my workshop and follow it so you can keep up todate on my latest projects and all, I have the latest Video from esterday of me and my Son working on his Bi Plane, going to do another episode here soon which is the last part, I hope everyone is able to come see it live.

Have a Great day, enjoy the coldness I know I won't, but many will and that warm cup of coffee in your hands!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Special Broadcast - Boy Meets Woodworking

Hello everyone,

This is a Special Broadcast that I will be broadcasting Today this evening with my Son.

I have my workshop listed on TWW Live, if you want to come check me out and my Son.

He Received a Wooden Bi-Plane project for his 8th Birthday, and I've decided to do a Special Broadcast with my Son on the arts of woodworking, This will also be the opening Project for my Workshop Blog.

So if anyone is interested in a little 1 on 1, Son and Father Broadcast, it will be airing and recording at about 5.30p eastern time, you can get to my Live feed at one of the following Links.

Hope to see everyone there.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Live Broadcast

I am Planning on Broadcasting Sometime this week on the Basics of the Scroll Saw.

I will also be making a Noel Christmas Ornament to give the generalization of how to control the wood, the Blades, etc.

I will also have the schedule up at my ustream account, Both links will be provided where the Broadcast will be.

In the mean time, Anyone interested, I have moved my Woodworking Projects over to my New Workshop blog to seperate them from this blog.

So if anyone is interested in seeing new and upcoming projects, Please head on over to

This is where all of my Woodworking and Scroll Sawing live Video Feed and Live Chat will be held at as well as my Blogging about the Particular project and whatnot.

Also in the Future, I will be doing some Podcast with my Sony HD Handycam of my Shop, my Tools, And anything else Woodworking or Scroll Sawing.

Here are the 2 Links:

The top link is to my Actual Broadcasting Site where you can See Live Feed as well as Pre-Recorded Feed, The top link is also provided and viewable at the bottom of the Second Link, I have intergrated it into my Blog to make it easier for Viewers to watch my Feed.

Now, it would be easier if some of my viewers were registered with ustream with a username so when they come into the chat and want to ask questions, I can address them by there name, instead of a Number.

It's your choice thou, either way, Questions will be answered, and if they can't be answered, then i will try my Darnest to get the answers for the questions asked.

Hope everyone keeps an Eye out on my New blog, and bookmarks it in there Blog Reader, i will be looking forward to a crowd of viewers sometime this week.


Monday, December 1, 2008

My New Workshop Blog

Hello everyone,

I have decided to Seperate my This and That blog from my Workshop projects. I figured it would be better to keep my Projects in the workshop, the progress, etc. And use this Blog as an everyday blogging experience for this and that stuff lol.

So if you want to see some of the projects then check on over to my workshop blog, if you click on the title, it will take you to my workshop blog.

That way it will be easier and less crowding for me to keep things organized. And i think it would be better for my viewers that's interested in my Workshop then this blog, i'm sure some of my viewers arn't interested in hearing about my Dog Bite or my under the weather post, but more interested in my Scroll Saw Projects and my Woodworking Projects.

So if you are interested in both, Cool, I hope that you decide to stay with both of them so you can see some of the wonderful Pieces I create!


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snow Goddess Blessing!

It appears that the Snow Goddess has Blessed us once again this year with a Nice Blanket of snow on the ground.

Here are a few pictures of the moments I captured on Camera as I got up this morning. They are by far the best pictures, but hey, The snow is all I wanted to capture.
Enjoy and have fun and don't enjoy the cold weather too long.


Friday, November 28, 2008

My Ole Lady's Knitting Store!

I would like to take this Opportunity to let everyone know that my ole Lady has Opened up her own Knitting Store on Etsy.

At this time thou, she only has 3 Items listed, a Christmas Hat and Christmas Scarf and also a Hooded Everyday Winter Scarf.

I have some followers and I have many viewers it seems so far, so I wanted to Reach out to them and give them a Chance to take a Gander at my ole Ladys Knitted Projects, All you have to do is Click the Title "My Ole Lady's Knitting Store!" The title post, and this will take you to the Store that Belongs to her.

I hope everyone that likes Knitted Projects takes the time to go view her Store, both of us are Disabled and we are trying to make a Little extra money to help pay our bills, and these Stores don't require much to Setup nor Sell, so we are trying our hands at an online Business!

I hope everyone helps by at least viewing the stors to see if there is anything they like, or even if they think it's good enought to pass on to their friends and Family to let them know.



Thursday, November 27, 2008

From our Home To Yours!

Hello everyone.

First off I would like to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING! For some it will be a Great Thanksgiving, for others it may not be so great as some of our loved ones will not be able to attend the family Dinner or Family lunch.

But we should not look on the bad things about Thanksgiving of who isn't or who won't show up, but for them that do. It's a Time to enjoy and Make new memories as times and generations pass us by.

It is a time for family and loved ones to get together, in spirit and in person, to bless this day and the days there after and carry on the Traditions as we have before and continue on there after!

So take the time to bless the ones that are here in spirit and bless the ones that are here in life!

And Secondly. I would like to appoligize for not posting any thing in the last few days. We have been busy Preparing for Thanksgiving, Cleaning up, getting things organized and cleaned up. Things will become be back to normal once the Holidays are over with.

I would also like to say, that I have a account and will Eventually be Broadcasting Live Feed in my livingroom during the winter for my Scroll Saw projects and Most likely in my Shop in the warmer months. So I hope that you check out the schedule (I don't have one yet) To see when I will be Broadcasting and also past Pre-recorded Shows.

So anyway, Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy all of that food and God Bless Everyone online and offline, Cyberspace and real life!


Monday, November 24, 2008

The Woodwhisperer Logo Scroll Saw Project!

This was on Behalf of Marc over at The Woodwhisperer.

Marc has kindly has supplied me with his Logo, knowing not what for and didn’t ask questions.

I just posted this Project on his Forum for everyone to review, so now I’m doing the same here for everyone to see it as well that’s not part of The Woodwhisperer network.

So enjoy.

Tech Specs:

Materials: 1/4 Baltic Birch Plywood
Time: About 3 hrs
Difficulty: Advanced
Blades: FD-TC #1



Sunday, November 23, 2008


Here is a Project that I JUST Completed, I decided to give myself a Try on the Scroll Saw to see if I still had it, and if my Hand was hurting too bad to do a little work.

Here is the end result.

Tech Specs:

Materials: 1/4” Baltic Birch Plywood
Time: 3 1/2 Hrs
Difficulty: Advanced
Blades: FD-TC #1

Here is also a Description and information about the Kingfisher bird incause someone would like a Small Education on these Species of birds.

Enjoy and thanks for coming to look at my Projects, I really Adore Birds, I love all animals, but birds are my Favorite Passion.


A common waterside resident throughout North America, the Belted Kingfisher is often seen hovering before it plunges headfirst into water to catch a fish. It frequently announces its presence by its loud rattling cry.


  • Medium-sized bird.
  • Large head and shaggy crest.
  • Large, thick bill.
  • Bluish head and back.
  • White throat and collar.
  • White underneath with blue breast band.
  • Size: 28-35 cm (11-14 in)
  • Wingspan: 48-58 cm (19-23 in)
  • Weight: 140-170 g (4.94-6.0 ounces)

Sex Differences

Female with red chest band and flanks, male without.


Call a loud, harsh rattle.

Conservation Status

Populations may be decreasing in many areas.

Other Names

Martin-pêcheur d’Amérique (French)
Martín Pescador Norteño, Martín Pescador Migratorio, Martín Pescador Pasajero (Spanish)

Cool Facts

  • The breeding distribution of the Belted Kingfisher is limited in some areas by the availability of suitable nesting sites. Human activity, such as road building and digging gravel pits, has created banks where kingfishers can nest and allowed the expansion of the breeding range.
  • The Belted Kingfisher is one of the few bird species in which the female is more brightly colored than the male. Among the 93 species of kingfishers, the sexes often look alike. In some species the male is more colorful, and in others the female is.
  • During breeding season the Belted Kingfisher pair defends a territory against other kingfishers. A territory along a stream includes just the streambed and the vegetation along it, and averages 1 km (0.6 mi) long.The nest burrow is usually in a dirt bank near water. The tunnel slopes upward from the entrance, perhaps to keep water from entering the nest. Tunnel length ranges from 30 to 250 cm (1 to 8 ft).
This information was taken from for reference to the kingfisher

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Video Test

This is a Small video of my Dogs, The Small Beagle Dog used to be one of my Dogs and I give him away.

His name is Whitey. But we couldn't afford him so we give him away, and the guy that has him brought him over that day to play with the brothers.

So check it out, I used Cyberlink PowerDirector to Edit this video.

Still needs work, but it's only a 30 Day Trial, not much time, but here check it out and see what you think. The effects I threw in there, but I also thought I removed them before rendering the video lol


Friday, November 21, 2008

Dog Bite!

I have just encountered my Dog, well Betty's Dog.

One of my Dogs Decided to Pee on my Wall in the Hallway, and he knows he's not supposed to Pee inside the house.

So I went to chase him down, and when I got close to him, one of my other dogs was in the process of getting in the way Growling.

Well needless to say, my 3 Dogs, I have 5 all together. The 3 Brothers Decided to have a Little Brawl.

Well I'm not afraid of my Dogs whatsoever, I never have, they know I'm the boss of my house and the boss of them and they respect that. I went to grab one of them, cause 2 on 1 wasn't a Fair fight here, not in my book.

My Scroll Saw got knocked off the table, my Laptop almost took a Plunge as well cause they were basically under my table going at it. I managed to get ahold of 2 of them, and the 3rd I smacked and told him to stop and he done so.

Well Asher and stinky were still going at it. I told Betty to hold Stinky so I could pry him off Asher, well i got stinky off him, and she Jerked the dog away, which made Asher more Aggressive and he lunged for stinky, and my hand so happen to be in the way.

And let me tell you, if you've never been bit by a dog, it don't feel real good expecially with a K9 goes bout 1/2" deep into the skin both top and bottom as you can see. I let it bleed for a little bit, of course I had a puddle to clean up on the floor, I ran cold water over it to clean it the rest of the way. Then Bandaged it. I've never smelt so much Iron in the air before.

Must've been the Deer Burgers I ate the day before lol. Anyway, because you may of gotten bitten, never let it spoil your friendship with your dogs and never fear your dogs or they will do the same thing again.

Post Title!

The post title of every one of my post may have a Link available.

I've decided that since I have a Lumberjock account, that I will also be posting to Lumberjock, and to have easy access to my Lumberjock area, I shall post the link.

That means, all you have to do is click the title above the post, and it will take you to my Lumberjock page of projects.

That way I expand my horizon with resources. I hope you find this more informative.




Hello everyone,

This is a continuation of the mishap. I've decided to go ahead and finish the project, as much as I hate to finish something that I have messed up, I went on ahead and done it since I had WAY too much time into this project so far.

Thanks to everyone that has been following my Blog from the start, and to the ones that has just started following, and to the soon to followers.

I hope that you find everything here very useful and entertaining and educational and a great learning experience. It's a great learning experience for me to try and educate people in the art of Scroll Sawing, and I learn as I go just as others do.

They say, Education is a Key to Success and a Key to Knowledge. Believe and you will Succeed.


Thursday, November 20, 2008


I would like to appoligize to everyone because of my me not posting that much it seems in the last week or so. I have been feeling under the weather and when I try to do a project, well some of the dust just don't agree with me at that point with a Sinus infection and Upper Respatory infection, so as much as I had to clean the Saw Dust instead of making more, I've not felt like posting either.

Anyway, So now that I'm starting to get back on my Wheels (Feet), lets get the wheels turning, and start pumping out some more projects.

Here is a project that I started last night, and I'm going to document a little bit at a time. I just wanted to show you right now first hand.

Here is the Senario:

I was cutting some very Elaberate I guess you would call it, or very detailed, Intricate cuts, whichever you choose to call it lol. I've done really well so far making my cuts and all. I got tired about midnight, so I headed off to bed, figured the project could wait for the night.

Well I ended up waking up at 6am, used the restroom, laid back down (I'm an early person but not that early), to try and get a little more sleep, well the alarm went off at 6:45, This is when we get our Now 8 Year old up and ready for school by 7:20am, So i'm still laying in bed, Betty Gets the Boy ready, Come 7:40, the bus isn't here.

Apparently there was a Sub on the bus, Not from Subway, Pizza King or Blimpies either, a Subsitute driver to be more clear about it. And he/She didn't come pick him up this morning, So I had to get out of bed, get my shoes on, and take him to school because the bus didn't show up.

Anyway, I've been up since then, so only about 6 Hours of sleep, I need at least 7 to 8 or I can't function, I get real tired and all that, well I think that's what happen.

So now, we are at the Problem.

Here is the Problem:

I was doing really well cutting again this morning. Listening to my Music, getting into the groove of things, saw dust flying everywhere, in my hair, my goatee, my mustash, on my shirt and even in my lap, and of course all over my keyboard and table.

I just finished one of my Cuts, So I loosened the Tension Knob Like I always do, at least 3 Full turns gets it where it needs to be. Then I loosen the Blade Knob, This allows the Arm to Elivate up to give you space between the tip of the blade and the Arm of the Saw, Then you pull the piece off from the blade.

This is where the problem was, the hole was small enought that I wasn't paying attention and basically pulled it right off, well the teeth of the blade took hold of that little piece of wood no thicker then a 1/32nd, and broke 1/2 of it into from the bottom, no repairing this.

The attached Photos is so you can see the Mishap that I've done, one photo has a Red Freehand Circle (Not very good, nor the arrows), and arrows pointing out the small area of the work piece.

So, with everything said, Folks, Make sure that you PAY Close attention to your work piece, tired or not, because one little mishap could cost you the whole thing, Fortunatly, where the location is, up higher, you won't be able to tell, so Instead of adding it to my store, i'm going to hang it up in my house to see the looks on peoples faces when they come in and see the art that I've created.


Monday, November 17, 2008


Here is another pattern for a Pumpkin, One of the Only Species of Cats that I Like. Along with Black Panthers. And Ban go Tigers, I Guess you could say that I like the BIGGER Cats.

Hope you enjoy this one also and the others I've done as well.

Tech Specs:
  • Materials: 1/4" Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Time: 1hr
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Blades: FD-TC #3

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Breath of Fire!

Something a little more headed up then usual in the Fantasy World.

The Majestic Fire breathing Dragon!

This Pattern was Originally a Pumpkin Pattern, and Since Pumpkin and Scroll Saw Patterns are Virtually the same, I convert some of my Pumpkin Patterns to Scroll Saw Patterns. Of course Depending on the Theme of the pattern.

Hope that everyone enjoys this pattern from

Tech Spec:
  • Materials: 1/4" Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Time: 1hr
  • Difficulty: Beginner

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Magic In The Air!

Here is another project that I just finished a few minutes ago. I'm feeling better threw the day, but as the morning and evening creep up on me, well, these are what seems to be my Feeling bad times.

Maybe it's the medications slowly going out of my system during the day and makes me feel better, and when I take my medication, makes me feel bad.

Anyway, I hope that everyone enjoys this Fine project. Thanks to for the Pumpkin Pattern. It made a Great Scroll Saw Pattern, as both Pumpkin carving and Scroll Saw Cutting are the same.

This pattern took me about an Hour and 2 FD-TC#1 Blades, they broke on me midway, Possibly from over frightening, not sure, it didn't help the first blade ether when I didn't apply tensions with the tensioner, after few Resolutions, the blade was bent, I decided to go ahead and use the blade, cause they bend all the time.

Well once I tightened the blade, went a few inches, the blade Snapped. So that was the end of the First Blade lol, My Fault, but live and learn.

Tech Specs:
  • Materials: 1/4" Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Time: Approximately 1 1/2 hrs
  • Difficulty: Beginning
Hope you enjoyed this Project as much as I did cutting it out.


Hitting Hard!

This sickness has hit me hard it seems. Harder then I expected. I thought after taking some of these antibiotics that it would fix me right up, but it seems to make me a little worse.

They say things get Better before they get Worse. Well in this cause, I would have to certainly Disagree with that Statement. I Felt fine yesterday, well not 100% Fine, but Fine enough.

Overnight, it seemed to hit me again, like the antibiotics haven't done anything for me.

And well needless to day, the other night when i felt better, somewhat, I pumped out a Small project for my Cousin. A Teacher over here where I live at the middle school. I Hope that she will Like it and the business card that I'm giving her, so she can tell people where she got it (Networking).

Here is the Photo of my Latest and Greatest!

Tech Specs:
  • Materials: 1/4" Baltic Birch Plywood, Boiled Linseed Oil
  • Time: About 2hrs
  • Difficulty: Intermediate



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Under The Weather!

Only if the upcoming blanket of snow would show some Warmth. This weather has done me in so far.

Far too cold for the likes of me. Bills are not as expensive so far as they was last year, expecially the gas, with the lowering of the gas prices since the Crash, we've been blessed with lower gas bill so far.

On the other note, I am sick, I've not messed with any projects just yet, tried to finish up one I had laying around, but the sound and dust was too much for my Already pounding head and stuffed up nose.

I will be away for a few more days to get this out of my system. I have a Dr. Appointment today, so maybe the Dr. Will be able to give me something for this cold and Sinus infection.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Santa's Sleigh With Raindeer

Well here it is. This is my Second Attempt. A Success with the Baltic Birch Plywood. There was only 1 Problem thou, not with my Scroll Sawing. With the pattern it's self.

But as a Scroller, I am not going to revel the problem, I know it exist whereas others do not, and this is better for me to know as the Scroll Saw Artist to know the flaws, and not the seer or buyer.

Anyway, Enjoy the Picture of the latest project. I have been scrolling this project out all day, and when I mean all day, I Started about 10am this morning, and i just finished the project.

Why so long you ask? Well, the First attempt, I was using Oak Plywood. And this method didn't work all that well. I experienced Blow outs, Tear outs, and even breakage of antlers and the likes.

So this my second attempt, but with Baltic Birch. And so far it has been a Success. No Breakage of any Part of the Reindeer or anything. So enjoy and Feast your eyes on the Prize!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Christmas Ornaments!

Hello, Hello Again!

It seems to be now officially Winter here. We have seen the first sight of snow. No good for a Wheelchair user such as myself.

But determined as I am, nothing will stop me from doing what I want to do, if that means hauling 2x4's or 2'x4' Sheets of Baltic Birch in my Trunk, or the 2x4's out my window of my car, or even as far as putting a few sheets of Plywood 4'x8' Sheets on the roof of my car.

Been there, done that, many times, as I call my Car, my Hillbilly Truck, Git-r-Done!

Anyway, here are the Latest. I've decided to invest a little more money that I didn't have to purchase Glitter, to put some Glamor in my Ornaments or some Sparkle, to see if there is a Glimmering hope, that someone likes Glitter over natural.

Myself, I'm a Natural. I can do with out the Glitter. But the way I see it is, why not purchase Natural Looking Ornaments, then use it as a Family Project to Paint, Glitter or whatever else is in mind to Deco the Ornament for your own personal Use???

Keeps the cost down being natural, but that is ok, maybe being a little more expensive will catch the eyes better.

Enjoy the pictures.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Time To Be Togehter!

'Tis the time to be together. To create new found memories of your loved ones and to make new memories with your soul mate.

Let this day and future days bring together everyone, Mother and Daughter, Father and Son, Grandfather and Grandmother even closer to one another with Love.

To these Holidays, I would like to Dedicate to the world and online world this Scroll Saw Work that I have just completed.

For anyone that is interested in it, head on over to my store and pick it up before the holidays come in.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ahead of the Christmas Rush!

Hello everyone! Sorry I've not posted in a few days. Had a few things to do around the house. The Toilet Seat need fixed and BTW Thanks to Ethan over at Midnight Carvers Spot for giving me some info on Repair and all, also if you are looking for one of them Special Carving needs, Head on over to Midnight Carvers Home, he also has a Store to purchase from.

We also had to purchase some more Yarn, for my Old Lady, She's gonna help me with my store to load up for Christmas with some Knitted goods, So be looking for some new items non wood related, but as a Craft Related, as the title of my Blog says "A Little of This and That!" This gives me expansion into the world of Crafts and anything else.

So Check out the Store, some new Ornaments I Scrolled out as been added. Reasonable prices for Non Stained and Non Finished, This gives me the ability to bring to you affordable prices, and also a Fun project of refinishing for the whole family. It can allow family fun as well, as a whole, sitting around the Kitchen table, Painting my Christmas Ornaments themselves.

Can't beat the Price of a Handmade Project unfinished to take home and finish yourself with Hours of Fun and enjoyment. Won't find that at your Local Walmart or Hobby Lobby, So Drop on in and take a Gander.

And lastly, I have Purchased some Baltic Birch Plywood in 1/4" and 1/2", I beleive I may have found my calling when it comes to Plywood. This wood is very nice Looking, Great Grain Patterns, and very easy to cut, of course if the blades are Sharp!

And on that Really last note, here are some pictures of the latest projects that I have worked on in the last few days, after the responsibilities were taken care of. Enjoy and please come back for some more Ornaments and the likes.


Monday, November 3, 2008


I think I have jinxed myself. In one of my Latter post about the Beating these Flying Dutchman Blades take. And I said that I have not broken one yet, due to their durable Strength and Sharpness.

Well, I have done it, I don't know if it was under or over tighten or if it was warn out. My guess is that it was warn out. I make sure the blade makes a Good Ping sound once it's tight.

This Welcome Pattern here that I cut out, well I finished it up on a New blade, I was all the way down to the "O" on the outside cuts to finish this piece up to remove it from the rest of the wood, when POP The blade Snapped.

This blade I was using was a FD-TC #5 Blade, to make it easier to cut my Plywood projects. And it works really Decently. Nice smooth cuts, not much sanding and Not many Blowouts. The only Problem I have once my Project is finished is taking the box tape off the back of the project. With the fine cuts, it wants to pull some of the laminate off the wood.

Not a Very good wood or quality to sell if this wood isn't laminated very well. I may be Switching to Baltic Birch plywood to see if there is a Difference in quality and cut.

Now for a Little Technical Aspect of this Project!

Project Title: Welcome
Project Time: A Little Over A Day (With Interruptions, Company)
Project Materials: Oak Plywood, Printer Paper with Pattern and Box Tape
Project Overall: Not for the Beginner and not good for Cheap Wood to save a Dime
Project Rating: Challenging, (8 out of a 10)

I hope you all enjoy the looks of this project, there are some Flaws in the project, but this is what makes it unique and your own!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Latest Projects!

Thanks to Steve Good over at Scroll Saw Workshop for this Wonderful Cub Scout Wooden Knife.

I had to craft the face plate of the Wooden Knife because I broke the first one trying to get the Wooden Dowel out of the hole. Then on top of that, the blade of this one, well I was trying to Sharpen it just for looks and effect, and the Oak Plywood, Chipped off the Tip, so I'm a little upset about that just because I already glued it up with Titebond III and it wont' come apart anytime soon.

So It will have to do. However this knife will be taken with me to our next Den Meeting as my 7 Year old boy is a Wolf Scout this year, so I can show off my Creation Thanks to Steve.

Oh and almost forgot, my Beagle. It's made from 1/4" Oak Plywood, just like the rest of my Ornaments and it took me about 2 Hours to completely cut this piece out and Sand it.

I will be crafting some more of the Wooden Knifes to put on my Store, I think that everyone will get a Kick out of it and maybe be a Hot product on my Store.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Little Christmas Spirit!

I've been busy here lately, Scrolling out some stuff for my Store.

Here are a few items that has made it to my store. As of today, have made 4 Sales on my Snowflake Ornaments and my Angel you see in the pictures here.

For anyone interested in seeing more please visit my Store. I am doing a little more Christmas stuff right now to add to my store, so for a short while, some of my projects are on hold until can keep stock up!

But I will be adding some of my project still, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. So check back!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Little of This and That Etsy Store!

Come one, Come all, Come check out one and all I have at the "A Little of This and That Etsy Store". Hopefully as my Scroll Sawing Grows, so will my Store.

But only you can make it happen. If you got the time, Come check it out. There are more Christmas Items at the moment then anything, Figured I would get ahead of the Christmas Rush and pump out a few ornaments and Christmas projects that are in the works, to keep my workload down, if there will be any.

I hope that all of my Viewers take the time to view my blog as well as pass it on to others if you think my work is good and worth the effort.

Alot of time and effort has gone into my projects, some are basic some are complex, but they are my projects and alot of elbow grease goes into my hobby to bring everyone that's watching and keeps tabs on my Projects eager to come back for more.

Sooner or later, there will be some custom content added for your veiwing pleasure and possible added to my Store. So come back and Share with your friends and family your point of view of my little blog and my little store!


Putting Halloween to Rest!

Well all, Since Halloween is just around the corner, I think that I am laying all of my Halloween Projects to rest for the year.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming around the corner pretty quickly, New projects will be on the rise. Belly's will be getting full with all these good goodies the families will be cooking up for lunch or dinner.

So check back, I try to post about every day or every other, depend on how busy and how real life calls for my attention. As much as I like to woodwork/scroll saw, it isn't always worked into my real life schedule.

I have been fortunate thou, that most of the stuff has been taken care of, so it leaves me with free time til the pets need fed and watered or supper needs to be cooked.

Anyway, be looking for some Thanksgiving Themes and Christmas Themes as well.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Lantern Part 5 of 5

What you all have been waiting for, the last and final Part of the Halloween Lantern. Needs another coat of black paint on the outside. Other then that, She's ready to be lit up and be put on Display.

So here they are, Sorry for the mess on the table, BTW, if you can see it that is, it's currently 11:00p.m. here in Indiana, and I turned out all my Lights to take these pictures to give you the full effect of my Camera and the Lantern.

Hope you enjoyed the project as much as me and Betty has building it.


Christmas Time A Comin!

Here is a Christmas Surprise. This took me close to an Hour to cut out. Very Hard wood. I think it was walnut, it was an Old Slab I had here at the house when we bought it.

I decided to cut it up in 1"x1" Lengths, to make some Christmas Ornaments Designed by Steve Good. He was kind enough to Provide Several Free Pattern that He's designed himself using Corel Draw.

I have Several more ornament patterns by Steve Good over at The Scroll Saw Workshop.

Many more ornaments will be added as soon as I Scroll them out as simple as some of these are, You wll see some of my Creations of Christmas ornaments.

Thanks goes out to Steve Good once again for Providing Free Scroll Saw Patterns.

Oh almost forgot, This I believe to be Walnut or Dark Walnut, and it's finished with Boiled Linseed Oil, let sit for 10 minutes then Rubbed off. Appears to be a Simple and easy finish.

By the way, The last part of the Halloween Lantern Will be coming Soon, the project is almost complete.