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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ahead of the Christmas Rush!

Hello everyone! Sorry I've not posted in a few days. Had a few things to do around the house. The Toilet Seat need fixed and BTW Thanks to Ethan over at Midnight Carvers Spot for giving me some info on Repair and all, also if you are looking for one of them Special Carving needs, Head on over to Midnight Carvers Home, he also has a Store to purchase from.

We also had to purchase some more Yarn, for my Old Lady, She's gonna help me with my store to load up for Christmas with some Knitted goods, So be looking for some new items non wood related, but as a Craft Related, as the title of my Blog says "A Little of This and That!" This gives me expansion into the world of Crafts and anything else.

So Check out the Store, some new Ornaments I Scrolled out as been added. Reasonable prices for Non Stained and Non Finished, This gives me the ability to bring to you affordable prices, and also a Fun project of refinishing for the whole family. It can allow family fun as well, as a whole, sitting around the Kitchen table, Painting my Christmas Ornaments themselves.

Can't beat the Price of a Handmade Project unfinished to take home and finish yourself with Hours of Fun and enjoyment. Won't find that at your Local Walmart or Hobby Lobby, So Drop on in and take a Gander.

And lastly, I have Purchased some Baltic Birch Plywood in 1/4" and 1/2", I beleive I may have found my calling when it comes to Plywood. This wood is very nice Looking, Great Grain Patterns, and very easy to cut, of course if the blades are Sharp!

And on that Really last note, here are some pictures of the latest projects that I have worked on in the last few days, after the responsibilities were taken care of. Enjoy and please come back for some more Ornaments and the likes.



The Great Ethan Allen said...

Yeah that baltic birch is a nice even patern to the lamination. Looks pretty good! Did you fins a new hinge? or did you have to replace the whole seat? sometimes the seat just wears out. We ususally throw out our wood seat before it is completely shot. Cheryl ususally gets bored of it. Oh and before I forget, your orniments look pretty good. You shodul scope out your competition on Etsy to see waht else there is out there. and visit the chat rooms. maybe i'll see you there some morning. You can show off your items in the chat rooms by typing /additem then the number of the tiem you want to show.. it shows a picture of the item along the left side. Etsy is all about networking. and creating buzz ( like I'm an expert or I'm still learning.) Good luck!

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


I've not had time to fix it ust yet. Tried fixing it last night, but the screws would not come out of the wood.

Didn't help that my Screwdriver isn't that good, so got to get me a new one to get it out.

Thanks for the compliments bout my ornaments. When I get finished scrolling out some more, and get ahead of Christmas, I'm gonna start to try and create a few of my own!

I checked out the chat this morning, not many rooms available, so I may consider making a room for myself. You are welcome to join if you want and help moderate it if they allow that kind of thing.

Probably be good for the both of us, never know!