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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Unsuccessful Move

Hello everyone.

I tried last night for a few hours to move my Woodworking and Scroll Saw Working Blog "Handi's Workshop" to that email account. Which basically means that it wouldn't be on this "" Account it would be under my "" Account so that email could just be used and whatnot.

Well needless to say it didn't work out just quite like expected. I was able to retain all of my Blog post and all of my Comments, but i was not able to save all of my Saved Links, my Followers and all of my Widgets.

So I spent even more time last night setting shit back up, it wasn't a really great night for me as I was hoping more for the best then worse. Anyway, Everything is back to normal again except for the fact that I've got to run down all of my Visited and woodworking/scroll sawing links, which isn't too bad cause I follow most of them.

So here is what the main idea is, All of my followers are no more on my Workshop, so I just decided that I would post here, and ask that all of my followers that was following my Workshop Blog, to come back on over PLEASE!! :) and Re follow my Workshop

That would make it easier to receive notice of my Updated post and all that! If you don't remember the link, Click the title of this post, it will take you back to my Workshop.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Air in There!

I have just got my tire fixed. What a Relief and a load off my mind.

It becomes Frustrating when you can't move around that much or get where you need to get.

I had to change out a tube from one of my other chairs that has the same Size tires. unfortunately, my Tubes are not standard size as the standard wheelchair tire. Standard Tire is 24x1 3/4.

My Tires are 24x1 and Hold 110psi of Air, Racing Tires basically.

Anyway, I put one tube in, and it was previously patched and apparently still had holes or slow leak in the tube and didn't know that until the next day when it was flat again.

So I had to take it out again, and change it with the other tube on the other side, so far so good, it's holding up pretty well, at least until I can get my vendor to get me some more in case this happens again!

Once I got my tube in, I had to trot out to the Garage where I have my heavy Duty Air Compressor to air up my tire, that was a Job in it's self, just because I had to be careful on the road not to damage my rim and damage my tube I just replaced.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Flat Tire!

Hello everyone,

Not that this may be of interest to anyone's everyday Life, but unfortunately it's relevant to my Everyday life, just because I have to deal with mobility issues, especially when My wheelchair has Air Filled Tires.

I don't know how it happen, but I ended up with a Staple in my Wheelchair tire last night, I figured that if it was left alone, It would still hold a little air til I was able to fix it.

Well unfortunately, I was wrong, it works in cars, but not wheelchairs I guess. So I pulled off my Wheel, Took the tire and inter tube, Then I yanked the Staple out of course, that way I could find where the staple was puncturing my tube at.

And unfortunately I only had Adhesive Patches, don't know if anyone has used them, but they SUCK really bad, I've not gotten around to Airing my Tire up yet, cause the ole lady just went out the door to grab a little food for the house, and with 5 dogs and a 8 year old, you can't leave them in the house alone, so I guess that means another few minutes that I've got to sit here with no movement.