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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Day after my 34th Birthday!

Hello all.

Sorry I have not been posting anything but the Video of The Week. I have been Addicted to World of Warcraft once again. It seems that nothing gets done when you have an addiction. Expecially to Video Games. And being a video Game Junkie, at least my Fix last a LOOOOONG time, cause I can reuse it and I don't have to go buy the same thing over and over again.

My ole Lady give me a new Video Game for my Playstation 3. It was prince of persia. One of my Favorite Video game Series as it orginaly Came out on Computer.

In the computer version, you ONLY Had 1 hour to complete the Game. Then Microsoft Xbox came out with one. Once you Beat the Xbox Version, you unlocked the orginal Computer Version. Then they made a Sequal, They have 3 out now, and they came out with another for Playstation 3 that's Kind of Cartoony. i've not Played it much just yet, but the Gameplay is Really nice. The graphics even thou they look like Cartoons looks really Sweet...

And she has also Baked me a Double Layer German Chocolate cake with Dark Chocolate Icing... My Favorite Cake. And her and my Boy Deco'ed it, and here is what it looks like. Enjoy, I loved the cake, it looked great and even tasted better...

If you odn't like the pictures, you can kiss my ass, it's the thought that counts, and it made me smile, because normally my birthday has always just been another day.

Anyway, Enjoy the pictures... hope you like them, just as much as I enjoyed eating the cake lol.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

01-28-09 Video of The Week - My 34th Birthday

In this Video of the Week, I basically Tell you it's my Birthday and this is what I got for my Birthday so far today.

A BIG Blanket of Snow and Still coming down, School is Canceled because of the Snow, and Our Winterization man Appointment has canceled because of the Snow as well.

I hope everyone enjoys the Short Video, it's Under 1m, there was a few Distractions so I had to cut it short, Maybe another Video will be at Hand today cause of this most Brilliant and Special Day that I was brought into this Life!

The Day should become a Holiday, Why not? Christmas was the day Jesus was Born, he was just a Man, I'm just a Man, so I pronounce this day and hinch forth a National Jimmys Birthday Holiday.  :)