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Monday, April 24, 2017

Cotton Fire

My Cotton caught fire when I was pulsating it to use up the juice in the cotton so I could change it, I hate having sticky fingers from the juice, Yes I know I can wash my hands but that's beside the point, I like to dry the cotton out first.

So be careful when doing things like this, SAFTY is always a PLUS When messing with a MOD

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Muncie Brewfest 4/22/17

For anyone interested that's local to me. Within the Deleware County Area (Muncie, Indiana), Cornerstone Center of Arts is hosting a Brewfest in Muncie.  Tickets can be purchased here for $40 (VIP Tickets Early Bird $3.00 Charge Online Fee) or General Admission $25 ($2.25 Charge for Online fee)

This will be my FIRST Brewfest event ever and I'm excited to be going. Have always been interested in going to a Brewfest and being local to me it's happening.

Photos will come in the next post after the event and maybe even some Video of the Event. We'll have to see how much space is on my Phone.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Heaven Claimed another Spirit today

To all my friends, family and followers,

I call out for your help. A friend of mine and her daughter was in a terrible accident. Needless to say, the ending result for her daughter was misfortune. She has passed away yesterday evening and the family is in very bad need of help.

Below I'll be providing a Link to their GoFundMe Page.  PLEASE, if you can, even thou you do not know the family or if you DO Know the family, PLEASE Donate as much as you can to help this family out in need..

Here is the Link => Hayworth GoFundMe

Please donate if you can, it will help this family out a lot. They are seeking a goal of 10k for expenses and your $1, $5, $10 or how much ever you can contribute will help this family, PiF (Pay It Forward) To this family.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sigelei Fuchai 200w by Sigelei

Sigelei Fuchai 200w.

I have to say, this bad boy is a WORKHORSE. It has 200w (Watts) of RAW Power.  With the right coil build, this bad boy can handle it.

I think Sigelei has overdone themselves. This is a GREAT MOD for a GREAT Price.

This MOD Holds 2 18650 Batteries. I use the Samsun 25R Batteries but it's recommended to use the Sigelei 35a High Drain batteries. I think it's more about the Sigelei Brand. You are going to Pay About $12.00 a Battery for the Sigelei Brand vs $4.99 for a GOOD Samsun 25R Green Label.

Below is the Specs of this MOD.

Size: 102*56.5*24 mm;    Net Weight: 196g;    
Material: Zinc Alloy
Variable Wattage Range: 5.0W - 200.0W                  
Output Voltage Range: 0.5V -7.5V  
The maximum current : 25A                  
Battery Voltage Range: 6.4V - 8.4V                    
Battery : 2*18650 high-drain batteries                   
Temperature Adjustment Range: 100-300°C / 212-572°F 
Atomizer Ohm Range: 0 .05 ohm - 2 .5 ohm (supports regular kanthal, nickel and  titanium wires) 
 Note: It is recommended to use Sigelei 35A high-drain batteries.
Max Power 200W                                 
Ni200/ Ti Temperature Control mode / Wattage mode 
Input High Voltage Warning    
Low Voltage Protection
Output Short-Circuit Protection 
Low Resistance Protection 
Reverse Battery Protection                    
Overheating Prevention

Source of Specs you can find Here

This also has Temp Control.  On temp control MODS, it's REQUIRED To have Nickle or Titanium Wire or Coils. Temp controll will NOT Work on a Regular Nichrome or Kanthal Wire.

I Love the fact that I can get .05 Ohm coil build to achieve an even warmer vape, granted it burns the batter up quicker with the high wattage but it's more satifying then a lower wattage coil.

For anyone looking for a Starter MOD, I think this is a Good one to consider. Unlike the Sigelei 150w that Retails for around $150. The Sigelei Fuchani 200w Retails for around $65.00. You can find them on ebay for as cheap as $49.95 up to $52.99 which is still an AWESOME Deal for a First mod.

If you refer to the Specs above you can see that it will cover ALL Of your Vaping needs. It's a Tad heavy, but I like that, it lets me know that I've got a MOD in my Hand instead of something lite.

The Sleek Design of the MOD is awesome. NO Sharp Corners, Has a Rubber type coating on it to make it antislip in your hands, it also comes with a Rubber cover (Which I leave off, hard to get it on and off), It will also protect the coating, it tends to hold the juice if any drips on the side of the MOD, hard to wipe off. Easy to See LCD Display and easy to Configure how you want your wire with BIG Display to see what your Voltage, Wattage and Temp is.

It's FULLY LOADED With all kinds of Features.  It tells you if it's to Low of an Ohm or to High of an Ohm and even low Battery Indicator.

In all, It's a Really Rounded out MOD for the price.  I'd recommend this for anyone Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Vapers.

The Tank I've got attached to this, is a UWell Crown.  This will be another post entirely!

Happy Vaping

Friday, December 4, 2015

GR-Star 40w with Temp Control

Today's post is mainly focused on the Gr-Star 40w with Temp Control MOD for Vaping.

I've been using this mod for better part of 6 months so far and I LOVE it.  It has a DNA40 Chip in it. Meaning it has the capability of going from 1w all the way to 40w. It also has a 200* to 600* temp control setting that allows you to control the temp of your vaping.

Temp control MODS Needs Titanium or Nichrome 200 Wire. I use a 26g Ni200 Wire for my MOD. I use this mainly on my Plume Veil v3 Dripper because it burns so hot that the tank can't keep up with the juice requiremnts.

I build my Coil with my Kuro Coil Building Kit. Ranging from 1.0mm all the way to 3.5mm in Inside Diameter, Depending on the Ohm of the coil will determin how many wraps.  And since this is a Sub Ohm, Meaning anything below 1.0 Ohm is Sub Ohm. My Coils need to be built to around .17 Ohm which is the Lowest my MOD will accept for a coil in Temp control.

This would be 12 wraps on a 3.0mm I.D. Rod. The coils also need to be seperated about 1/64th apart basically none of the coils touching each other. Then wicked with Cotton and saturated with your eLiquid of choice.

This MOD Also uses a Single 18650 Rechargeable Battery. I Keep 2 on Hand, while Vaping on one, the other is charging, then swap out once one is dead for the newly recharged one.

On my MOD, I use a Kangertech Sub Ohm Mini Tank which holds around 4.5ml of eLiquid. It has a Mini RDA (Rebuildable Adamizer) which is a Money Saver. I don't have to purchase coils, I can build my coil on my RDA, wick it, juice it and Vape it. I think it's the BEST Tank that I've purchased. eBay has these tanks for $20.00 which is a GREAT Deal considering most of them are around $50.00.

I think I about covered the Post for today on my Gr-Star, I'll be posting a photo later on of my MOD, I'm going to Post a Few Photos on some Coil builds as well.  After all this is a This and That Blog, so I'll cover just about everything!.