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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Unsuccessful Move

Hello everyone.

I tried last night for a few hours to move my Woodworking and Scroll Saw Working Blog "Handi's Workshop" to that email account. Which basically means that it wouldn't be on this "" Account it would be under my "" Account so that email could just be used and whatnot.

Well needless to say it didn't work out just quite like expected. I was able to retain all of my Blog post and all of my Comments, but i was not able to save all of my Saved Links, my Followers and all of my Widgets.

So I spent even more time last night setting shit back up, it wasn't a really great night for me as I was hoping more for the best then worse. Anyway, Everything is back to normal again except for the fact that I've got to run down all of my Visited and woodworking/scroll sawing links, which isn't too bad cause I follow most of them.

So here is what the main idea is, All of my followers are no more on my Workshop, so I just decided that I would post here, and ask that all of my followers that was following my Workshop Blog, to come back on over PLEASE!! :) and Re follow my Workshop

That would make it easier to receive notice of my Updated post and all that! If you don't remember the link, Click the title of this post, it will take you back to my Workshop.


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