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Friday, December 4, 2015

GR-Star 40w with Temp Control

Today's post is mainly focused on the Gr-Star 40w with Temp Control MOD for Vaping.

I've been using this mod for better part of 6 months so far and I LOVE it.  It has a DNA40 Chip in it. Meaning it has the capability of going from 1w all the way to 40w. It also has a 200* to 600* temp control setting that allows you to control the temp of your vaping.

Temp control MODS Needs Titanium or Nichrome 200 Wire. I use a 26g Ni200 Wire for my MOD. I use this mainly on my Plume Veil v3 Dripper because it burns so hot that the tank can't keep up with the juice requiremnts.

I build my Coil with my Kuro Coil Building Kit. Ranging from 1.0mm all the way to 3.5mm in Inside Diameter, Depending on the Ohm of the coil will determin how many wraps.  And since this is a Sub Ohm, Meaning anything below 1.0 Ohm is Sub Ohm. My Coils need to be built to around .17 Ohm which is the Lowest my MOD will accept for a coil in Temp control.

This would be 12 wraps on a 3.0mm I.D. Rod. The coils also need to be seperated about 1/64th apart basically none of the coils touching each other. Then wicked with Cotton and saturated with your eLiquid of choice.

This MOD Also uses a Single 18650 Rechargeable Battery. I Keep 2 on Hand, while Vaping on one, the other is charging, then swap out once one is dead for the newly recharged one.

On my MOD, I use a Kangertech Sub Ohm Mini Tank which holds around 4.5ml of eLiquid. It has a Mini RDA (Rebuildable Adamizer) which is a Money Saver. I don't have to purchase coils, I can build my coil on my RDA, wick it, juice it and Vape it. I think it's the BEST Tank that I've purchased. eBay has these tanks for $20.00 which is a GREAT Deal considering most of them are around $50.00.

I think I about covered the Post for today on my Gr-Star, I'll be posting a photo later on of my MOD, I'm going to Post a Few Photos on some Coil builds as well.  After all this is a This and That Blog, so I'll cover just about everything!.

Monday, November 30, 2015

I HATE Cold Weather

Have I mentioned that I DO NOT Like Cold weather? Well I do. For 1, I have rotory cuff damage in my right shoulder and starting to get it in my left.  All the Perks of being in a wheelchair.  The ups and downs of medical problems on the constant uprise.

So my joints are ALWAYS hurting. Can't get a good night sleep, always up and down. But the MAIN Reason I DO NOT Like the Cold weather is it's hard for me to get around being in a wheelchair.

The snow, I get stuck in, I can't shouvle very well on the ramp, deck and sidewalk so it limits my ability to go anywhere during the colder months expecially when it snows.

I also can not get out in my workshop to do some work, for anyone interested, I have a Blog and a Facebook page here.  Blog ==> Handi's Workshop and Handi's Workshop Official Facebook Page.

This is where I document my Projects and all when I have time to do them. So come take a gander at what I do.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2015 4th of July

We had 4th of July on the 5th of July cause we didn't have any Fireworks and we weren't Feeling well.  So we decided to Buy some Fireworks when they were on Sale and Celebrate the day after.

Enjoy the Video.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

iTaste MVP 2.0 Vaporizer

Who of my Followers Vape?

I've just discovered a Safer means of Smoking or as well call it #Vaping.  It's a means of Vaporizing eJuce/eLiquid into Vapor with 5 Major Ingredients.  This produces a Smoke like Vapor simular to that found in Fog Machines.

Ingredients include:

PG (Polyethlene Glycol)
VG (Vegatable Glicern)
Food Grade Flavorings used for Candy Making
Distilled Water or Alcohol
Nicotine (Optional)

So I guess it would be 4 Major Ingredients.  These Ingredients make up what we call eJuice or eLiquid.  When combined together, it produces as I mentioned Smoke like Features without the Health problems you get from Triditional Smoking.

There are NO:

And Many other things in Cigarettes

All of the Ingredents in the eJuice/eLiquid are ADA and FDA Approved.  They are found in MANY Food Stabilizing Ingredients.  Also found in Medications for stabilizing.

So all in all, It's a SAFER Alternative to Smoking and I HAVE Been promoting the Use of Vaping over Smoking.

I've quit smoking over 10 years ago and decided to check out the Vaping for the love of Different Flavors.  Anything from Strawberry Cheese Cake, Cherry Cheese Cake, Peanut Butter Waffer to many other Flavors.

Your Commercial Blend of eJuice/eLiquids you want to Avoid because they do contain other Ingredents that can be harmful to your Health.  So if you are interested, Stick with a Well Known Vape Shop that MAKES Their own Juice on the Spot.

We Shop ONLY At NO Where else because we know what is added to the Juice at the Local Vape Shop to us.

We went the Extra mile to even Rebuild our Coils so it wouldn't cost any extra money in Purchasing Coils for our Tanks.

Here is a Video of me Vaping on my (Used) NEW iTaste MVP 2.0 Battery mod with a KangerTech ProTank Mini II with a 3.0 Ohm Coil Build.

Enjoy the Video and Check into Vaping.  As you can See in the 15 Second Video from Vine, It looks just like Smoke a Cigarette.  ONLY Thing Addictive to Vaping is the Nicotine if you Include it in the Ingredients.  The Flavor would be Addictive, you'll find yourself trying different Flavors and having so many bottles of Different Flavors you won't know what to do with yourself, Then probably catching yourself Buying new Batterys and Tanks to Achive a (Cloud Chaser) Point of view such as I've been doing.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


I was burning some Scrap wood to clean up the Yard a little.  This was an Evergreen Shrub (Bush) That was All Dried up sitting in the yard, so what better way to Recycle?  Reuse it for an Energy Source!