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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Flat Tire!

Hello everyone,

Not that this may be of interest to anyone's everyday Life, but unfortunately it's relevant to my Everyday life, just because I have to deal with mobility issues, especially when My wheelchair has Air Filled Tires.

I don't know how it happen, but I ended up with a Staple in my Wheelchair tire last night, I figured that if it was left alone, It would still hold a little air til I was able to fix it.

Well unfortunately, I was wrong, it works in cars, but not wheelchairs I guess. So I pulled off my Wheel, Took the tire and inter tube, Then I yanked the Staple out of course, that way I could find where the staple was puncturing my tube at.

And unfortunately I only had Adhesive Patches, don't know if anyone has used them, but they SUCK really bad, I've not gotten around to Airing my Tire up yet, cause the ole lady just went out the door to grab a little food for the house, and with 5 dogs and a 8 year old, you can't leave them in the house alone, so I guess that means another few minutes that I've got to sit here with no movement.



Cari said...

Hey JJ!
Sorry that I did not write sooner. My mom is at Ball Hospital, she went in over 2 weeks ago with pneumonia, and then her internal organs started shutting down, she had an infection inside of her that was just doing some serious damage, but she is finally doing better, she is finally awake from her sedation and looks ton better. Right now she is still in ICU and she can have visitors. I am thinking if she keeps getting better, she will get moved this next week to progressive care.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Ouch! flat tires are never convienient. Hope ya gan get it fixed in a jiffy. Doesn't sound like too much of a probelm IF you have the items required to fix it.

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

@ Cari: Thanks for the Info Cousin, I got to look at my car as I was having a little trouble with it the other night and I will see about getting down there to see her.

I know you will see her before I do, so give her my Prayers and blessings and I will be there soon to see her!

@ Ethan: Well I got some Cheap patches, I don't know if they are going to work, so I am going to try and figure out what's wrong with my car right quick and if it's nothing that big, then I'm going to the next town to the wheelchair shop and try and get it taken care of.

Can't roll around easy with a flat lol.