Map Tack

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Magic In The Air!

Here is another project that I just finished a few minutes ago. I'm feeling better threw the day, but as the morning and evening creep up on me, well, these are what seems to be my Feeling bad times.

Maybe it's the medications slowly going out of my system during the day and makes me feel better, and when I take my medication, makes me feel bad.

Anyway, I hope that everyone enjoys this Fine project. Thanks to for the Pumpkin Pattern. It made a Great Scroll Saw Pattern, as both Pumpkin carving and Scroll Saw Cutting are the same.

This pattern took me about an Hour and 2 FD-TC#1 Blades, they broke on me midway, Possibly from over frightening, not sure, it didn't help the first blade ether when I didn't apply tensions with the tensioner, after few Resolutions, the blade was bent, I decided to go ahead and use the blade, cause they bend all the time.

Well once I tightened the blade, went a few inches, the blade Snapped. So that was the end of the First Blade lol, My Fault, but live and learn.

Tech Specs:
  • Materials: 1/4" Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Time: Approximately 1 1/2 hrs
  • Difficulty: Beginning
Hope you enjoyed this Project as much as I did cutting it out.


Hitting Hard!

This sickness has hit me hard it seems. Harder then I expected. I thought after taking some of these antibiotics that it would fix me right up, but it seems to make me a little worse.

They say things get Better before they get Worse. Well in this cause, I would have to certainly Disagree with that Statement. I Felt fine yesterday, well not 100% Fine, but Fine enough.

Overnight, it seemed to hit me again, like the antibiotics haven't done anything for me.

And well needless to day, the other night when i felt better, somewhat, I pumped out a Small project for my Cousin. A Teacher over here where I live at the middle school. I Hope that she will Like it and the business card that I'm giving her, so she can tell people where she got it (Networking).

Here is the Photo of my Latest and Greatest!

Tech Specs:
  • Materials: 1/4" Baltic Birch Plywood, Boiled Linseed Oil
  • Time: About 2hrs
  • Difficulty: Intermediate



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Under The Weather!

Only if the upcoming blanket of snow would show some Warmth. This weather has done me in so far.

Far too cold for the likes of me. Bills are not as expensive so far as they was last year, expecially the gas, with the lowering of the gas prices since the Crash, we've been blessed with lower gas bill so far.

On the other note, I am sick, I've not messed with any projects just yet, tried to finish up one I had laying around, but the sound and dust was too much for my Already pounding head and stuffed up nose.

I will be away for a few more days to get this out of my system. I have a Dr. Appointment today, so maybe the Dr. Will be able to give me something for this cold and Sinus infection.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Santa's Sleigh With Raindeer

Well here it is. This is my Second Attempt. A Success with the Baltic Birch Plywood. There was only 1 Problem thou, not with my Scroll Sawing. With the pattern it's self.

But as a Scroller, I am not going to revel the problem, I know it exist whereas others do not, and this is better for me to know as the Scroll Saw Artist to know the flaws, and not the seer or buyer.

Anyway, Enjoy the Picture of the latest project. I have been scrolling this project out all day, and when I mean all day, I Started about 10am this morning, and i just finished the project.

Why so long you ask? Well, the First attempt, I was using Oak Plywood. And this method didn't work all that well. I experienced Blow outs, Tear outs, and even breakage of antlers and the likes.

So this my second attempt, but with Baltic Birch. And so far it has been a Success. No Breakage of any Part of the Reindeer or anything. So enjoy and Feast your eyes on the Prize!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Christmas Ornaments!

Hello, Hello Again!

It seems to be now officially Winter here. We have seen the first sight of snow. No good for a Wheelchair user such as myself.

But determined as I am, nothing will stop me from doing what I want to do, if that means hauling 2x4's or 2'x4' Sheets of Baltic Birch in my Trunk, or the 2x4's out my window of my car, or even as far as putting a few sheets of Plywood 4'x8' Sheets on the roof of my car.

Been there, done that, many times, as I call my Car, my Hillbilly Truck, Git-r-Done!

Anyway, here are the Latest. I've decided to invest a little more money that I didn't have to purchase Glitter, to put some Glamor in my Ornaments or some Sparkle, to see if there is a Glimmering hope, that someone likes Glitter over natural.

Myself, I'm a Natural. I can do with out the Glitter. But the way I see it is, why not purchase Natural Looking Ornaments, then use it as a Family Project to Paint, Glitter or whatever else is in mind to Deco the Ornament for your own personal Use???

Keeps the cost down being natural, but that is ok, maybe being a little more expensive will catch the eyes better.

Enjoy the pictures.