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Friday, December 11, 2009

New Business Cards

I just had new Business Cards Printed out by 250 Business Cards FREE of charge for only the cost of 5 dollar shiping Charge.

You can get Free Designs, you can get Fee Designs, the cost very depending on what you want, what you are looking for.

Go check it out.


Added A Blog and a Poll

I just added a Blog to my List.

For all of them that are interested in Photography, Please take a gander at Shutter Sam's Photography Page. She has Some VERY Nice Pictures of Weddings and the likes up and is a Delightful Sight and some GREAT Eye Candy.

Her blog is in my Blog list. You can get to her other information to her site from the blog.

I've also added a Poll just for the hell of it, for something to do. If you are a Gal. Take a Gander at the poll. If you are a Guy... Well You will have to wait til next week for a Poll bout the Gals.