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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Latest Projects!

Thanks to Steve Good over at Scroll Saw Workshop for this Wonderful Cub Scout Wooden Knife.

I had to craft the face plate of the Wooden Knife because I broke the first one trying to get the Wooden Dowel out of the hole. Then on top of that, the blade of this one, well I was trying to Sharpen it just for looks and effect, and the Oak Plywood, Chipped off the Tip, so I'm a little upset about that just because I already glued it up with Titebond III and it wont' come apart anytime soon.

So It will have to do. However this knife will be taken with me to our next Den Meeting as my 7 Year old boy is a Wolf Scout this year, so I can show off my Creation Thanks to Steve.

Oh and almost forgot, my Beagle. It's made from 1/4" Oak Plywood, just like the rest of my Ornaments and it took me about 2 Hours to completely cut this piece out and Sand it.

I will be crafting some more of the Wooden Knifes to put on my Store, I think that everyone will get a Kick out of it and maybe be a Hot product on my Store.



The Great Ethan Allen said...

Man I wish I had been in the boy scouts sometimes. We only had lutheran boy pioneers ( church thing) and it sucked! boring and most of the time we did not have any meetings. They one guy who ran it lasted only a couple of sessions. Hope you and your son enjoy those moments. I had to join the Army to get the "male bonding experience" fun times!

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


They had Scouts when I was a kid but never been. I had my own experience with my dad in the army. We would go camping and all.

But with dogs now, we can't do that today, so the next best thing is Scouts for my Boy for him to learn many different things and Values.

Maybe it will help him with better understanding of the outside, and how some things work.