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Monday, November 3, 2008


I think I have jinxed myself. In one of my Latter post about the Beating these Flying Dutchman Blades take. And I said that I have not broken one yet, due to their durable Strength and Sharpness.

Well, I have done it, I don't know if it was under or over tighten or if it was warn out. My guess is that it was warn out. I make sure the blade makes a Good Ping sound once it's tight.

This Welcome Pattern here that I cut out, well I finished it up on a New blade, I was all the way down to the "O" on the outside cuts to finish this piece up to remove it from the rest of the wood, when POP The blade Snapped.

This blade I was using was a FD-TC #5 Blade, to make it easier to cut my Plywood projects. And it works really Decently. Nice smooth cuts, not much sanding and Not many Blowouts. The only Problem I have once my Project is finished is taking the box tape off the back of the project. With the fine cuts, it wants to pull some of the laminate off the wood.

Not a Very good wood or quality to sell if this wood isn't laminated very well. I may be Switching to Baltic Birch plywood to see if there is a Difference in quality and cut.

Now for a Little Technical Aspect of this Project!

Project Title: Welcome
Project Time: A Little Over A Day (With Interruptions, Company)
Project Materials: Oak Plywood, Printer Paper with Pattern and Box Tape
Project Overall: Not for the Beginner and not good for Cheap Wood to save a Dime
Project Rating: Challenging, (8 out of a 10)

I hope you all enjoy the looks of this project, there are some Flaws in the project, but this is what makes it unique and your own!



The Great Ethan Allen said...

Man they keep getting more and more complicated! Aboutt he blades, Hey! nothing lasts forever, right? I go through bits all the time. They get dull and I have to acid bath them from time to time to extend their life. works about three times tops. Oh and I have ready that the "good" baltic birch is the stuff with the multiple levels of birch throughout the lamination. That is to say, no douglas fir core in the middle. I have seen this at our Mehnards store, but it is the most expensive plywood around (3/4 inch that is ) I have been considdering it for my seats. but I have to weigh the costs. I found this out on WoodWhisperer on one of the forums. Lqqk I think...cant remember off hand.

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Yeah, only if they would last forever lol, the good thing is, they aren't that expensive so we are good on the blades.

Matter Fact I just ordered some #1's for the fine Stuff. The project that I was working on all day yesterday, well it failed cause of the Oak Plywood and the #5 Blades I was using. When the Blades come in, let the cutting Begin.

This time, I will be using Baltic Birch 1/4" Plywood, don't need the Thick Stuff. And I only buy the 4x6 Sheets I think it is, more manageable.

Yeah the projects keep gettng up that way. I've been looking more for complcated just because they sell more if they look more complex and Good.

I'm really putting these blades threw the mill, and they are working Great.

Was working on a Santa Project last night, and well, the Oak Ply just don't cut it for me on this project cause of the Complexity of some of the cuts and thin detail.

I will take a picture of it and make another entry today about it so you can see the complexity of the project, the turns, the thin lines, etc, then you can see how the Oak Ply isn't gonna cut it for this project.

And the Solid wood will have to wait on some of the projects til the money starts coming in some to afford the better wood.