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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Live Broadcast

I am Planning on Broadcasting Sometime this week on the Basics of the Scroll Saw.

I will also be making a Noel Christmas Ornament to give the generalization of how to control the wood, the Blades, etc.

I will also have the schedule up at my ustream account, Both links will be provided where the Broadcast will be.

In the mean time, Anyone interested, I have moved my Woodworking Projects over to my New Workshop blog to seperate them from this blog.

So if anyone is interested in seeing new and upcoming projects, Please head on over to

This is where all of my Woodworking and Scroll Sawing live Video Feed and Live Chat will be held at as well as my Blogging about the Particular project and whatnot.

Also in the Future, I will be doing some Podcast with my Sony HD Handycam of my Shop, my Tools, And anything else Woodworking or Scroll Sawing.

Here are the 2 Links:

The top link is to my Actual Broadcasting Site where you can See Live Feed as well as Pre-Recorded Feed, The top link is also provided and viewable at the bottom of the Second Link, I have intergrated it into my Blog to make it easier for Viewers to watch my Feed.

Now, it would be easier if some of my viewers were registered with ustream with a username so when they come into the chat and want to ask questions, I can address them by there name, instead of a Number.

It's your choice thou, either way, Questions will be answered, and if they can't be answered, then i will try my Darnest to get the answers for the questions asked.

Hope everyone keeps an Eye out on my New blog, and bookmarks it in there Blog Reader, i will be looking forward to a crowd of viewers sometime this week.


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