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Thursday, December 25, 2008

12-25-08 Special Christmas Video of the Week

Good morning everyone.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful christmas, I hope that everyone gets what they ask for and then some.

I would like to share this Special Video I've taken last night.

In this Little Video of the Week (Special), Me, Damian and Betty Put our 2nd year Christmas Ornaments on the Christmas Tree.

This is a very special moment that we've decided to do once a year, we as a Family go out, and purchase a new and different Christmas Ornament that Reflects ourself in the Ornament.

So enjoy the Small Video, It's from our Home to yours.

Have a Great and Safe Marry Christmas and Happy New Years!

Handi and the Family

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

12-24-08 Video of The Week

In This Video of the Week.  This is my 2 Dogs Playing, I have a total of 5 Dogs, But these 2 is who i got cought on Tape.

Curly and Mattie, I also got a Small Glimps of my 7' 5" Christmas Tree that we put up.

Enjoy the Video


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Here's the Dealio!

Here's the Problem with with being in a Wheelchair.

You get lots of Stares and looks as if something is wrong with you, and Scared looks as if this So called Wheelchair Disease wares off on you, or that it gives you some kind of mental Stress Disease also.

No one ever knows why so many people are So scared to approach someone in a Wheelchair or even acknowledge that they are just another person with the Inability to walk instead of having some kind of mental problem.

And besides this, we also have problems with Health, We Get Sick Easier, Get infections Easier, just more prone to stuff then the standard "Upright" as we call them. The people that can Walk, Run, Ice Skate etc.

Well I can Ice Skate in my Wheelchair also, I just roll around on a Slab of ice and hold my Wheels and move around like a Skateboard and all to do sliding and all, but this is besides the point!

I have got a UTI, Unfamiliar what a UTI is? Look it up, Get informed about certain matters that are to the Unknown.

Many Pet Peeves I have, maybe later on there will be a post about Pet Peeves and a Handi's Top 10 List of peeves.

This post was more of a Rant and Drama post about getting sick quicker then normal and having more inefections and problems then the next person, and not a Sympthy post either cause I don't want I'm Sorry to hear that, you are in my Prayers, and all of this other Shit I've heard Many times over in the past 20+ years that I have been Disabled.

It's more of just a Rant for some of the poeple that can relate, for the people that knows, for the people that just actually cares vs. the people that don't care.