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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Testing The Waters! Again!

Well it appears that after testing the water for the afternoon yesterday and part of the morning and til now. It appears that the closet is going to be way too cold to Brew an Ale in.

So I took my old AccuTemp Heater and cleaned it up, oiled the motor. And set it in the closet to attempt to bring up the temp in the closet to bring the temp up in the fermentor as well.

So far it's been a success. The water has been a study 52 Degrees since this morning. I put the heater in on the floor and set it for 75 Degrees.

Needless to say, It went from 52 Degrees up to 65 Degrees with just a rescent Reading. Going to check back at 4:00p and see how the temp is, this should prove to be a successful brewing after I make sure the temp will hold at where I need it.

Testing The Waters!

Well, all throughout the day about every 2 hours I've tested the water in the fermentor to get a Tempature.

My Fermentor is in my Closet off the living room. I may have to move the fermentor out, I'm not quite sure if this will be sufficient for fermenting the Wort or not.

I The tempatures are as followed.

Day of the 14th:
2:00p was 74 Degrees
4:00p was 74 Degrees
6:00p was 68 Degrees
8:00p was 66 Degrees
11:30p was 62 Degrees

Morning of the 15th:
7:11a was 58 Degrees
9:23a was 56 Degrees

I'm gonna still read the tempature throughout the day or maybe at least til Noon to see how much of a change there is, if it stays around 56 Degrees or maybe a tad higher, then I May give the closet a Try. Brewing an Ale, which is basicaly what I have, the tempatures require between 55 Degrees to 80 Degrees for fermentation.

I'm hoping the water don't drop any lower, if it does, then I'll just have to drag it outta the closet and try somewhere else. Kinda sucks it's putting a Damper on my Brewing, but at least I'll know what the temp is and where it settles at for certain kinds of Beers.

I may have to use the Closet for Lagar Fermentation and in the bedroom for Ale. Not sure yet. We'll see how it goes.

I'll Keep everyone posted on the progress, this is going to be so fun and So kick ass once I get started.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Home Brewing

Well Folks here it is. I'm attempting to brew my Own Beer. After a LONG Wait on getting my Kit. I guess my Girlfriend got tired of me hollering that I wish I had a Home Brewing Kit to Brew my own Beer.

Well Needless to say, Santa brought me one for christmas. The only problem is I didn't have a Home Brewing Kit, the ingrediants to brew the beer. So last week I ordered a Kit from whish is showen on the left side here.

This is what the box looks like, It's a Bock Style beer. Right now I'm in the process of taking the Temperature in the closet to see how much of a change it is. Right now as of 8:00p it is 66 Degrees in the closet but it is 72 Degrees in the living room.

To the bottom right here you will see a Picture of the contents of the Box. It contains 50 Bottle Caps which is enough to cap 2 Cases of Beer.
There are 2 3.3lb Cans of Malt Extract, 1 6oz Bag of Chocolate Malt Grain, 1 6oz Bag of Pale Ale Grain, 1 6oz Bag of Grain, 2 1oz Packets of Flavoring/Aroma hops, 1 Packet of Ale yeast and 1 5oz Bag of Dextrose Sugar for Priming the Beer after fermentation.
Hopefully tomorrow, if the temperature is right, I'll be doing some Brewing. I'll be taking some Pictures with my iPhone and then uploading them as I do a Post and write my experience with my Beer.
I'll also be taking a Picture about every day maybe every other day of the fermentation process which is a 1 to 2 week process, so expect to see about 7 Pictures at least lol.
After the fermentation process, I'll be transfering the wort over to the Racking Bucket, which is where I'll be filling all of my Beer Bottles I've saved up.
Once these beer bottles are filled, I'll be capping each bottle, then they will sit again for another 1 to 3 weeks to condition in the bottle. After the 2nd to 3rd week, I'll stick a few in the fridge and chill it and give it a try.
A Taste test of my Hard Labor if you will!