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Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Lantern Part 3 of 5

Ok, Moving right on along again, with 2 more patterns to my Lantern. Here is a Black Cat Pattern that will be on one side of the lantern.

Here is and eyeball pattern, that will also be on one side of the lantern. Here's Lookin at you kid! I'm Keeping an Eye out on you! I like the way you Look. Hmm, anyway, once these are scroll sawed out, I will be posting the finished product after it's cut and sanded.


Halloween Lantern Part 2 of 5

Moving right along it seems, pretty quickly. Just got the first 2 panels done, Sanded down with my Orbital Sander from Craftsman. Not a real good sanding Job, but hey, they are gonna be painted.

As much as I hate Painted wood, This will be beneficial to the project.

So here is the First 2 Panels we've done so far, Sanded, but not painted.

Following the next post, I will be posting the next 2 Panels that will be cut and Sanded.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Lantern Part 1 of 5

I have Temporarily Decided to Postpone the Antique Calendar Project, Just because of Halloween coming up pretty quickly, within a few weeks.

So to take the Place of the Antique Calendar, I've decided to do something a little Halloweenish. A little Scroll Saw Project.

Similar to a Pumpkin Carving, But with a Scroll Saw, and no messy Hands to clean afterwords, just pants to Dust off!

The idea behind this project, is to create a 4 sided box, with Halloween themed Patterns, Kind of like a Lantern with Scary faces, witches, black cats, etc. Here are 2 Patterns I've chosen so far, for 2 sides, once decided on the other 2 Sides, there will be another post, and then a 3rd post to show off the finished product.

Hope you enjoy the Patterns, and the Finished Project afterwords! My old lady is learning to use the Scroll Saw herself, so she is helping with this project to give her some experience with using the Scroll Saw, She has CP, so it's a little harder for her to do, but this will her with coordination and hand exercises.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scroll Saw and Project!

Here is a few pictures of my New Scroll Saw.

And a Picture of Name Plates I made with it tinkering around with to get the hang of it!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Computer Problems!

There will be some delays for me posting for a day or two.

Something happened with my Laptop, and I have to reformat the system, Reinstall the Operating system, and reinstall all of my Programs For graphic editing and video editing and my Network. So I'm using my old lady's laptop at the moment to post this entry!

Good thing I know how to work on computers, so I just wanted to let everyone know that I will probably be away for a few days or so until I get things situated with my computer and all, mean while, I have a chance of working with my New scrollsaw to get the hang of the new one, as it's quite different the the old one I had.

It has been working out for me very well, once I get my computer up and running, I will show some of my Small Simple work that I have done with it, Just names, nothing really big, but you get to see the detail and all.


Monday, October 13, 2008

New Scroll Saw!

Went to my Local Sears where I got my Craftsman 16" Scroll saw! I told them what the problem was, Good thing for me paying for 1 Year Replacement Plan, the Scroll Saw cost me about 130 Bucks. Not a Bad price for a New Scroller like myself.

Well, I thought it was a good price. Well needless to say, I used it about 2 times in the year I had it, and I Guess it was a good idea for me to use it the other day, because it went out on me, stopped working, was very annoyed with it cause I was right in the middle of a Small project, when it just stopped on me for no reason.

So I took it in for a replacement, They didn't have the same one that I bought last year, The gentleman told me that they don't carry them anymore. I liked the model I had, because it had left and right bevel to 45 Degree on either side, had a blower and a Light.

Well since they didn't carry the line of the one I previously owned, I had to go with a different one, not a big deal I Suppose. This one don't have a light, which kind of sucks, and it don't have a 45 Degree bevel to the left nor the right, which also sucks. But it does have a Cast Iron base which is a +, keep is square.

The other thing it don't have, that I'm gonna miss, is the quck blade release, there is a Hex nut that I have to untighten with a wrench, means more time away from the project.

I will Rate this Unit more as I use it and let you know how it goes with the unit and how well it works!