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Friday, November 28, 2008

My Ole Lady's Knitting Store!

I would like to take this Opportunity to let everyone know that my ole Lady has Opened up her own Knitting Store on Etsy.

At this time thou, she only has 3 Items listed, a Christmas Hat and Christmas Scarf and also a Hooded Everyday Winter Scarf.

I have some followers and I have many viewers it seems so far, so I wanted to Reach out to them and give them a Chance to take a Gander at my ole Ladys Knitted Projects, All you have to do is Click the Title "My Ole Lady's Knitting Store!" The title post, and this will take you to the Store that Belongs to her.

I hope everyone that likes Knitted Projects takes the time to go view her Store, both of us are Disabled and we are trying to make a Little extra money to help pay our bills, and these Stores don't require much to Setup nor Sell, so we are trying our hands at an online Business!

I hope everyone helps by at least viewing the stors to see if there is anything they like, or even if they think it's good enought to pass on to their friends and Family to let them know.




The Great Ethan Allen said...

Just checking in, It's true I have not been able to post much on peoples blogs.. I have been just reading and going. It's been so late when i get done carving as of late, that I just post on the blog and maybe check out some stuff, but not promote my seats like I used to. good luck witht he holiday rush.

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


I'm giving you shit bro, you can post as offten as you like or none at all.

I'm going to keep posting to mine and yours and everyone elses I have been following lately. Just cause it gives me something to do lol.

Oh, I also had marc to add my Live cam to his Workshop list of live broadcast, so if you want to check it out sometime you can find it at, and the pull down menu below that, just select Handi's Workshop. It will show you my Live Broadcast if there is any!