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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Latest Projects!

Thanks to Steve Good over at Scroll Saw Workshop for this Wonderful Cub Scout Wooden Knife.

I had to craft the face plate of the Wooden Knife because I broke the first one trying to get the Wooden Dowel out of the hole. Then on top of that, the blade of this one, well I was trying to Sharpen it just for looks and effect, and the Oak Plywood, Chipped off the Tip, so I'm a little upset about that just because I already glued it up with Titebond III and it wont' come apart anytime soon.

So It will have to do. However this knife will be taken with me to our next Den Meeting as my 7 Year old boy is a Wolf Scout this year, so I can show off my Creation Thanks to Steve.

Oh and almost forgot, my Beagle. It's made from 1/4" Oak Plywood, just like the rest of my Ornaments and it took me about 2 Hours to completely cut this piece out and Sand it.

I will be crafting some more of the Wooden Knifes to put on my Store, I think that everyone will get a Kick out of it and maybe be a Hot product on my Store.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Little Christmas Spirit!

I've been busy here lately, Scrolling out some stuff for my Store.

Here are a few items that has made it to my store. As of today, have made 4 Sales on my Snowflake Ornaments and my Angel you see in the pictures here.

For anyone interested in seeing more please visit my Store. I am doing a little more Christmas stuff right now to add to my store, so for a short while, some of my projects are on hold until can keep stock up!

But I will be adding some of my project still, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. So check back!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Little of This and That Etsy Store!

Come one, Come all, Come check out one and all I have at the "A Little of This and That Etsy Store". Hopefully as my Scroll Sawing Grows, so will my Store.

But only you can make it happen. If you got the time, Come check it out. There are more Christmas Items at the moment then anything, Figured I would get ahead of the Christmas Rush and pump out a few ornaments and Christmas projects that are in the works, to keep my workload down, if there will be any.

I hope that all of my Viewers take the time to view my blog as well as pass it on to others if you think my work is good and worth the effort.

Alot of time and effort has gone into my projects, some are basic some are complex, but they are my projects and alot of elbow grease goes into my hobby to bring everyone that's watching and keeps tabs on my Projects eager to come back for more.

Sooner or later, there will be some custom content added for your veiwing pleasure and possible added to my Store. So come back and Share with your friends and family your point of view of my little blog and my little store!


Putting Halloween to Rest!

Well all, Since Halloween is just around the corner, I think that I am laying all of my Halloween Projects to rest for the year.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming around the corner pretty quickly, New projects will be on the rise. Belly's will be getting full with all these good goodies the families will be cooking up for lunch or dinner.

So check back, I try to post about every day or every other, depend on how busy and how real life calls for my attention. As much as I like to woodwork/scroll saw, it isn't always worked into my real life schedule.

I have been fortunate thou, that most of the stuff has been taken care of, so it leaves me with free time til the pets need fed and watered or supper needs to be cooked.

Anyway, be looking for some Thanksgiving Themes and Christmas Themes as well.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Lantern Part 5 of 5

What you all have been waiting for, the last and final Part of the Halloween Lantern. Needs another coat of black paint on the outside. Other then that, She's ready to be lit up and be put on Display.

So here they are, Sorry for the mess on the table, BTW, if you can see it that is, it's currently 11:00p.m. here in Indiana, and I turned out all my Lights to take these pictures to give you the full effect of my Camera and the Lantern.

Hope you enjoyed the project as much as me and Betty has building it.


Christmas Time A Comin!

Here is a Christmas Surprise. This took me close to an Hour to cut out. Very Hard wood. I think it was walnut, it was an Old Slab I had here at the house when we bought it.

I decided to cut it up in 1"x1" Lengths, to make some Christmas Ornaments Designed by Steve Good. He was kind enough to Provide Several Free Pattern that He's designed himself using Corel Draw.

I have Several more ornament patterns by Steve Good over at The Scroll Saw Workshop.

Many more ornaments will be added as soon as I Scroll them out as simple as some of these are, You wll see some of my Creations of Christmas ornaments.

Thanks goes out to Steve Good once again for Providing Free Scroll Saw Patterns.

Oh almost forgot, This I believe to be Walnut or Dark Walnut, and it's finished with Boiled Linseed Oil, let sit for 10 minutes then Rubbed off. Appears to be a Simple and easy finish.

By the way, The last part of the Halloween Lantern Will be coming Soon, the project is almost complete.