Map Tack

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I'd like to Wish all of my Friends and Family along with all of my Followers to my Blog a Happy Thanksgiving.

This is a time to say thanks for ______. You fill in the Blanks. Your Family, Your Friends, Your Fellow Woodworkers, Your Fellow Scrollers, Whoever it may be, it's the time to give thanks.

I give thanks for all of my Family that's still in my live that hasn't been taken from me by Cancer. I give thanks to all of my Friends I've made in the last year from Great woodworking friends to Great Scrollsawer Friends.

It's been a wonderful year so far, except for a few health problems in the family, but today isn't a day to think about all of the losses each of us have been threw, it's time to be grateful for all of things that we still have and all of the new memories that we are making.

Thanks for being a Friend.

Happy Thanksgiving,