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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Small Vacation!

Hello everyone.

I've been taking a Small vacation if that's what you would call it from Blogging. As for the ones that don't know, i'm an Avid gamer. We own Many different Gaming Systems and Several Computers.

For my Birthday back in Janurary, my Ole lady bought me the New Prince of Persia for Playstation 3, as i'm a big Fan of the Game, expecially when it came out orginally for the Computer, the Computer Version was just less then 8bit, and you had 1 hr to complete the game, and very Challenging it was.

Then it came out for Microsoft Xbox, the orginal not the 360, and we Purchased the version for Xbox, Loved every minute of playing the game, Once you beat the game, it had the a Unlockable orginal Graphic Design implemented into the game of the orginal one For the Computer, so I had to Play that as I unlocked it.

Then several months or a year later, they came out with another, they had 3 for the Xbox, and as of now, microsoft isn't doing anymore Games for the Xbox, so the Next Installment of Prince of Persia was Released on Playstation 3.

So besides this game, that I've not been playing that much cause we have been Playing World of Warcraft, and I know just about everyone has heard of WoW, the Addiction started little over a Year ago, and we have been playing it since... And this is why I've not been around, I've grew more into the game and less into blogging, Granted, i get up, read my Blogs and fellow bloggers, then I jump on the game.

Well I've been neglecting my Duties as a Blogger to Post any new Threads and the likes to my Blog cause of my Overwhelming fasination with my games as of lately, when has taken me by suprise cause I have been trying to avoid being readdicted to the game and spend all day on it lol, and it has pulled me in.

So today, and every Tuesday, The servers are down for maintaince, so I will be making this my Blogging time and a few Sneeking in Blogs inbetween those, this way I know I will have something to do while I wait for the Servers to come back up online.

Also, my Video of the week will probably be moved over to Tuesday as well, I have not Gotten any recordings in because of this game problem I am having lately lol.

So stay tuned for more post about my Gaming experience, my life Experience and whatever else may come down the road...