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Thursday, December 4, 2008

GOOOOOOOOOD Morning Bloggers!

Gooooooood morning everyone.

I had the nice sweet sound of Grandmother yelling at Grandson, Dogs barking and of course not that you really wanted to know, but that urge that I'm sure just about every blogger and anyone else gets in the early chilled morning. The urge to have to get up on them cold hardwood floors to RUN To the Restroom.

But I decided to deny myself the urge to get up for a few more hours, not that I wanted to lay there wide awake, but was simply too cold to get up, Gas prices are still to high to my liking, which means higher gas bills in the winter to warm your house, not good especially when you are low income.

Anyway, just wanted to get up, shake myself awake and sit down in front of my computer and start my morning Coffee Drinking Reading and replying to Blog entry's and comments.

So here it goes.

To all of them that have decided to stay right here in my old home and listen to the likes of me just rambling on, I'm glad that you have done so, Obviously you've found some connection of my words or just in general my likeliness.

My easiness to portray myself and be story oriented of some sort, but anyway, the fact that some of you have stayed, some has come and gone which is fine, and the ones that stayed, they may like a little drama in there life, I'm not really a big fan of Drama, but Drama is a part of everyone's life.

It's what makes it interesting.

For them that decided to move on, that's a good also. For the ones that also do not like the Drama, but are more interested in My Woodworking Projects and my Scroll Saw Projects and don't want to stick around here to listen to all the Drama, head on over to my Workshop at, this is where it all happens, this is where all the woodworking action is at, so pick up your boards and carry them on over to the workshop and lets see what we can do with them.

One Mans Board is another Mans Bench or something like that.

Anyway, all woodworkers and scrollers head on over to my workshop and follow it so you can keep up todate on my latest projects and all, I have the latest Video from esterday of me and my Son working on his Bi Plane, going to do another episode here soon which is the last part, I hope everyone is able to come see it live.

Have a Great day, enjoy the coldness I know I won't, but many will and that warm cup of coffee in your hands!


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