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Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm A Food Blog

Come check this Blog out for them who are interested in some Home Making of Cheese and Bacon and some other stuff. Click the title of the Post and it will take you to the blog!


I've been Playing around with Google Blogger and seen that they had some new features to the Blog. Some of which I've been wanting to impliment into my Blog for sometime, and that's Columns.

Well Finaly I'm able to get my wish. I revamped the site and got close to what I wanted for a blog with the columns. So I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do lol.

More to come in the near future or latter future when i get a wild hair to write something.


Well... I know it's been along time since I've posted. Matter fact it appears that it's been at Damians 3rd game of the Season since I last posted.

Well the season is already over, has been for a month maybe a little longer, Damian's team won 5 games of the 10 Played which wasn't bad at all. Not bad for a First timer Little Leaguer either.

Unfortunatly he did not make it into the tournement, they Played one last time to try and make it into the tournement but but didn't make it. But that's ok, i'm still proud of him for trying and getting as far as he did with what little training and practice that he had.