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Friday, November 7, 2008

Time To Be Togehter!

'Tis the time to be together. To create new found memories of your loved ones and to make new memories with your soul mate.

Let this day and future days bring together everyone, Mother and Daughter, Father and Son, Grandfather and Grandmother even closer to one another with Love.

To these Holidays, I would like to Dedicate to the world and online world this Scroll Saw Work that I have just completed.

For anyone that is interested in it, head on over to my store and pick it up before the holidays come in.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ahead of the Christmas Rush!

Hello everyone! Sorry I've not posted in a few days. Had a few things to do around the house. The Toilet Seat need fixed and BTW Thanks to Ethan over at Midnight Carvers Spot for giving me some info on Repair and all, also if you are looking for one of them Special Carving needs, Head on over to Midnight Carvers Home, he also has a Store to purchase from.

We also had to purchase some more Yarn, for my Old Lady, She's gonna help me with my store to load up for Christmas with some Knitted goods, So be looking for some new items non wood related, but as a Craft Related, as the title of my Blog says "A Little of This and That!" This gives me expansion into the world of Crafts and anything else.

So Check out the Store, some new Ornaments I Scrolled out as been added. Reasonable prices for Non Stained and Non Finished, This gives me the ability to bring to you affordable prices, and also a Fun project of refinishing for the whole family. It can allow family fun as well, as a whole, sitting around the Kitchen table, Painting my Christmas Ornaments themselves.

Can't beat the Price of a Handmade Project unfinished to take home and finish yourself with Hours of Fun and enjoyment. Won't find that at your Local Walmart or Hobby Lobby, So Drop on in and take a Gander.

And lastly, I have Purchased some Baltic Birch Plywood in 1/4" and 1/2", I beleive I may have found my calling when it comes to Plywood. This wood is very nice Looking, Great Grain Patterns, and very easy to cut, of course if the blades are Sharp!

And on that Really last note, here are some pictures of the latest projects that I have worked on in the last few days, after the responsibilities were taken care of. Enjoy and please come back for some more Ornaments and the likes.


Monday, November 3, 2008


I think I have jinxed myself. In one of my Latter post about the Beating these Flying Dutchman Blades take. And I said that I have not broken one yet, due to their durable Strength and Sharpness.

Well, I have done it, I don't know if it was under or over tighten or if it was warn out. My guess is that it was warn out. I make sure the blade makes a Good Ping sound once it's tight.

This Welcome Pattern here that I cut out, well I finished it up on a New blade, I was all the way down to the "O" on the outside cuts to finish this piece up to remove it from the rest of the wood, when POP The blade Snapped.

This blade I was using was a FD-TC #5 Blade, to make it easier to cut my Plywood projects. And it works really Decently. Nice smooth cuts, not much sanding and Not many Blowouts. The only Problem I have once my Project is finished is taking the box tape off the back of the project. With the fine cuts, it wants to pull some of the laminate off the wood.

Not a Very good wood or quality to sell if this wood isn't laminated very well. I may be Switching to Baltic Birch plywood to see if there is a Difference in quality and cut.

Now for a Little Technical Aspect of this Project!

Project Title: Welcome
Project Time: A Little Over A Day (With Interruptions, Company)
Project Materials: Oak Plywood, Printer Paper with Pattern and Box Tape
Project Overall: Not for the Beginner and not good for Cheap Wood to save a Dime
Project Rating: Challenging, (8 out of a 10)

I hope you all enjoy the looks of this project, there are some Flaws in the project, but this is what makes it unique and your own!