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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Testing on mobile posting. I resistered my phone to post to blogger on my phone.


Friday, December 11, 2009

New Business Cards

I just had new Business Cards Printed out by 250 Business Cards FREE of charge for only the cost of 5 dollar shiping Charge.

You can get Free Designs, you can get Fee Designs, the cost very depending on what you want, what you are looking for.

Go check it out.


Added A Blog and a Poll

I just added a Blog to my List.

For all of them that are interested in Photography, Please take a gander at Shutter Sam's Photography Page. She has Some VERY Nice Pictures of Weddings and the likes up and is a Delightful Sight and some GREAT Eye Candy.

Her blog is in my Blog list. You can get to her other information to her site from the blog.

I've also added a Poll just for the hell of it, for something to do. If you are a Gal. Take a Gander at the poll. If you are a Guy... Well You will have to wait til next week for a Poll bout the Gals.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cub Scout Stance

Here is a Picture of my Boy in his Uniform for Cub Scouts! This is his 3rd Year so far in Scouts and he seems to be enjoying it alot.
He has missed a few days from Scouts because of his Attitude and Behaviour, but other then that, he goes to the meetings every Tuesday.


Beer or Wine Anyone?

For them who care...

I've added 2 New Sites to my Blog.

For the Social or Avid Drinker, I've added a Wine and Beer Blog that has Recipes and How-To's on brewing your own Wine and Beer.

So have at it and check them out, Nothing much to Brewing your own beer, and ready to drink in as little as 2 weeks.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Well.... Lets See...

Hmmm... I think time has flew or gotten away from me.

Well First...

I was playing World of Warcraft... And I'm still kinda doing that but I'm not... I'm paying for it but I've not been on it for about a month...

I'm kinda slightly bored with it. So I'm taking a Break.

Next... My Pontiac Grand Am I was driving around Decided to have a Steering Column problem and an Ignition problem, so now I had to lay my Grand Am down to rest for the winter until I can see if I can find a Steering Column from the Junk Yard, 1 Junk Yard I checked.... Said they got rid of all their OLD Cars, they no longer have any 87's Laying around ready to be stripped.

So then I had to Fix my Pontiac Sunbird... No Big Deal, A few minor problems... I had to Repair a few Sections of Break Lines 4 to be precise, 2 along the Side rail under the Driver Side, One behind the back rear Driver side Tire and one behind the Fuel Filter. I also had to Replace the Break Booster.

My baby is back up and running, my First Car ever I bought in 1995, It's an 86 Pontiac Sunbird... It's yellow... And everyone around here calls my Car The Rotten Banana. Cause it's Yellow with Rust Spots all over it lol.

And just this past week, I had to get a new Windshield Wiper Motor cause the old one burnt out... But all is good now with my Baby, She's back to her norm, she's getting me around, Now only if there is hope for my 87 Pontiac Grand Am...

Aside from these problems in the last 2 - 3 Months, I've not been doing anything... It's getting colder that means it's time to break out my Scrollsaw so I can work on some of my christmas Ornaments for my Etsy Store to see if I can make a lil more money this year, and hopefully by next year, I'll have enough to buy some extra wood for my Smaller Projects that's going to appear in my Store.

Then last but not least.... my Computer broke down for a few weeks, and didn't feel like fixing it cause I knew I'd get on it and not get anything done, so I left it alone and cought up on some Baseball Games this season + A few things around the house. Then I decided to go ahead and fix it cause we needed a machine working for our online bills we take care of, so had to be done.

Anyway, enough about me, Dogs need water and all, so I'm outta here...

have a Great Evening!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well... Uhhh... Hmmm...

It Appears to be the 1st of July today. Of couse just another day and another dollar short in the game of life. No where to go, No money to spend.

When you do get Money to Spend, it all goes to William our most Dreaded person at the beginning of the month, His nickname is what everyone refurs to as "BILL". Phone "BILL", Cable "BILL", Water "BILL" He's very well Known to VERYONE, not really a great Friend, but an Aquaintance that we all know.

I like to lessen the Stress by reufirng to "BILL" as William, My Lil Ole Nickname for our Lil Dreaded Friend that comes for a monthly or even weekly/biweekly visit to some of us. Personaly I would like to get rid of William and never see him again nor his lil friends, but unfortunatly I dont' think that will happen.

Anyway on a side note. I would like to wish everyone a Very Happy Forth of July an Independance day I guess, if that's what you call it now. Got several opinions about that myself, but there are 2 things that I refuse to talk about and Politics is one of them and Religion is the other, neither is my Strong point, and I stay away from talking about them cause everyone has their own opinion about the subjects as well as I do, and could end up in a Huge Conflict.

So you won't catch me talking about either of them here, but you will hear me talking about other kinds of stupid shit that may be relevent at that point in time. Todays post is just a blah post, nothing of real importance or significant meaning. Just a One of them Days, Could be the weather or could be something else.

Well that's about enough of whatever it is I'm talking about and on to better things, like my Pizza in the oven I'm getting ready to Sign off and go eat for my lunch cause I've not ate anything yet today so far, so this is my Breakfast/Lunch combo. I got my Bread, Milk and my Veggies all Wrapped up in one!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Time Flys!

Oh my How time fly's... While you are having fun and while you are not... I've been trying to find some time in my shop... New projects or just outside working in the yard, mowing, raking or just general yard work.

But the weather here in Hartford City really Sucks right about now, Today seems to be about one of the Nicest days in a few days, when I get a Hankering of going out, that's when it starts up...

I was Lucky enough yesterday that i went out and Mowed my Yard and got that taken care of, tomorrow if I got time, I will probably head out and Rake a little, but a Travel to Muncie is on the Main Agenda right now. We need Dog food for our 5 Dogs.

Also I wanted to say I'm really Sorry about the Video of the Week Section of my Blog, I have been so busy over the winter worring about my Gas Bill, about wood, and everything in general...

Well actually That's a Lie lol, I'm not a Worrier, I just got slightly tired of blogging some over the winter that i took a little break, along with the video of the week as well.

So instead of being a Video of The Week, There will be a Video of Whenever I decide to post one lol.

As the warmer weather comes in, new things will happen, new flowers will take their place in the Yards, bugs will fly in, animals will walk and hop around... And we as people will start to come out of our hiding places to enjoy the weather, freshly mowed grass will fill the air, pleasant for some, not so for others.

Anyway, Be looking for some post here and there... Good or Bad... I don't care... I will post what is on my mind, take it and leave it, or take it and use it.

The way I see it... If you didn't want to know or read it, you wouldn't be following my Blog. So Ramp on and Rave on, Send me your comments, concerns, or anything you want me to post or whatever, I don't give a shit... Well I'm not going to pick it up and hand it to you, the stink won't ever come off my hands if I do that, so I guess I won't touch that one!

Later guys!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So many Bills, So little Money!

Every hear the Term "Robbing from Peter to Pay Paul"?

This appears the appropriate term that we have been using During our Winter months here in Hartford City Indiana.

We have Ran into a MAJOR Snag with the Gas Company here, more major then last winter. lets just say that we had to get on a Payment plan cause our bill for a 3 month period all together was about 2/3's our Income combined together. More then what it was last year.

The good thing, I suppose, is that we got a hold of winterzation program here locally, they sent someone out to check out our furnace and water heater. unfortunately, we've had a Small Flood in the basement, since winter is leaving, water is draining in our basement.

So he's going to come back with a friend to check in Mid summer, if it's all Dried up, we will be getting our water heater and furnace replaced to a 90% Efficiency. So hopefully this coming winter will be a better winter for us once we get our Ancient Furnace and water heater replaced with a newer model.

Until then, we are paying off our debt to the gas company that was their fault, but of course being a monopoly, they will not own up to their end of screwing us over cause they know they can get away with the shit cause we need gas to heat with.

Anyway, on the other note... Our Kitchen Renovation will have to be put on Hold for next year most likely, due to the high debt with the gas company, we won't be able to afford the materials to redo our kitchen this summer, the Kitchen is function able so it's not too big of a deal, but looking at an unfinished kitchen has it's draw backs of not wanting to go in the kitchen, cause of the look of unfinished, it's kinda Stressful.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Small Vacation!

Hello everyone.

I've been taking a Small vacation if that's what you would call it from Blogging. As for the ones that don't know, i'm an Avid gamer. We own Many different Gaming Systems and Several Computers.

For my Birthday back in Janurary, my Ole lady bought me the New Prince of Persia for Playstation 3, as i'm a big Fan of the Game, expecially when it came out orginally for the Computer, the Computer Version was just less then 8bit, and you had 1 hr to complete the game, and very Challenging it was.

Then it came out for Microsoft Xbox, the orginal not the 360, and we Purchased the version for Xbox, Loved every minute of playing the game, Once you beat the game, it had the a Unlockable orginal Graphic Design implemented into the game of the orginal one For the Computer, so I had to Play that as I unlocked it.

Then several months or a year later, they came out with another, they had 3 for the Xbox, and as of now, microsoft isn't doing anymore Games for the Xbox, so the Next Installment of Prince of Persia was Released on Playstation 3.

So besides this game, that I've not been playing that much cause we have been Playing World of Warcraft, and I know just about everyone has heard of WoW, the Addiction started little over a Year ago, and we have been playing it since... And this is why I've not been around, I've grew more into the game and less into blogging, Granted, i get up, read my Blogs and fellow bloggers, then I jump on the game.

Well I've been neglecting my Duties as a Blogger to Post any new Threads and the likes to my Blog cause of my Overwhelming fasination with my games as of lately, when has taken me by suprise cause I have been trying to avoid being readdicted to the game and spend all day on it lol, and it has pulled me in.

So today, and every Tuesday, The servers are down for maintaince, so I will be making this my Blogging time and a few Sneeking in Blogs inbetween those, this way I know I will have something to do while I wait for the Servers to come back up online.

Also, my Video of the week will probably be moved over to Tuesday as well, I have not Gotten any recordings in because of this game problem I am having lately lol.

So stay tuned for more post about my Gaming experience, my life Experience and whatever else may come down the road...


Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Day after my 34th Birthday!

Hello all.

Sorry I have not been posting anything but the Video of The Week. I have been Addicted to World of Warcraft once again. It seems that nothing gets done when you have an addiction. Expecially to Video Games. And being a video Game Junkie, at least my Fix last a LOOOOONG time, cause I can reuse it and I don't have to go buy the same thing over and over again.

My ole Lady give me a new Video Game for my Playstation 3. It was prince of persia. One of my Favorite Video game Series as it orginaly Came out on Computer.

In the computer version, you ONLY Had 1 hour to complete the Game. Then Microsoft Xbox came out with one. Once you Beat the Xbox Version, you unlocked the orginal Computer Version. Then they made a Sequal, They have 3 out now, and they came out with another for Playstation 3 that's Kind of Cartoony. i've not Played it much just yet, but the Gameplay is Really nice. The graphics even thou they look like Cartoons looks really Sweet...

And she has also Baked me a Double Layer German Chocolate cake with Dark Chocolate Icing... My Favorite Cake. And her and my Boy Deco'ed it, and here is what it looks like. Enjoy, I loved the cake, it looked great and even tasted better...

If you odn't like the pictures, you can kiss my ass, it's the thought that counts, and it made me smile, because normally my birthday has always just been another day.

Anyway, Enjoy the pictures... hope you like them, just as much as I enjoyed eating the cake lol.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

01-28-09 Video of The Week - My 34th Birthday

In this Video of the Week, I basically Tell you it's my Birthday and this is what I got for my Birthday so far today.

A BIG Blanket of Snow and Still coming down, School is Canceled because of the Snow, and Our Winterization man Appointment has canceled because of the Snow as well.

I hope everyone enjoys the Short Video, it's Under 1m, there was a few Distractions so I had to cut it short, Maybe another Video will be at Hand today cause of this most Brilliant and Special Day that I was brought into this Life!

The Day should become a Holiday, Why not? Christmas was the day Jesus was Born, he was just a Man, I'm just a Man, so I pronounce this day and hinch forth a National Jimmys Birthday Holiday.  :)



Thursday, January 22, 2009

01-21-09 Video of The Week

Sorry everyone, I was intrigued with World of Warcraft last night and I forgot the Video of The Week.

In this Video of The Week, I don't know who to Credit for this Video, but I take no Credit for the Video.

This Video is Titled Cooties.  Sit back and enjoy the Video!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

01-14-09 Video of The Week

In this Video of The Week, I give you a Small Look at my Dogs playing in the Snow, a Small Peak of my Ramp and of course an all around View of the Lovely Street that we live on.

I have also Included a few Editing Effects that I've not included in my Other 3 Videos of The Week, which I will be including in the Rest of my Videos of The Week.

Thanks for Viewing and Thanks for Stopping by for a Peak at my Video of the Week.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

01-07-09 Video Of The Week

In this Video of The Week, I take a Small video of my Dogs, and of 3 of my Birds.

Enjoy the Video.