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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Putting Halloween to Rest!

Well all, Since Halloween is just around the corner, I think that I am laying all of my Halloween Projects to rest for the year.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming around the corner pretty quickly, New projects will be on the rise. Belly's will be getting full with all these good goodies the families will be cooking up for lunch or dinner.

So check back, I try to post about every day or every other, depend on how busy and how real life calls for my attention. As much as I like to woodwork/scroll saw, it isn't always worked into my real life schedule.

I have been fortunate thou, that most of the stuff has been taken care of, so it leaves me with free time til the pets need fed and watered or supper needs to be cooked.

Anyway, be looking for some Thanksgiving Themes and Christmas Themes as well.


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