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Thursday, November 27, 2008

From our Home To Yours!

Hello everyone.

First off I would like to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING! For some it will be a Great Thanksgiving, for others it may not be so great as some of our loved ones will not be able to attend the family Dinner or Family lunch.

But we should not look on the bad things about Thanksgiving of who isn't or who won't show up, but for them that do. It's a Time to enjoy and Make new memories as times and generations pass us by.

It is a time for family and loved ones to get together, in spirit and in person, to bless this day and the days there after and carry on the Traditions as we have before and continue on there after!

So take the time to bless the ones that are here in spirit and bless the ones that are here in life!

And Secondly. I would like to appoligize for not posting any thing in the last few days. We have been busy Preparing for Thanksgiving, Cleaning up, getting things organized and cleaned up. Things will become be back to normal once the Holidays are over with.

I would also like to say, that I have a account and will Eventually be Broadcasting Live Feed in my livingroom during the winter for my Scroll Saw projects and Most likely in my Shop in the warmer months. So I hope that you check out the schedule (I don't have one yet) To see when I will be Broadcasting and also past Pre-recorded Shows.

So anyway, Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy all of that food and God Bless Everyone online and offline, Cyberspace and real life!


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