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Friday, October 24, 2008

For Your Country!

Here is a pattern I come across by "rbindustries, inc" and figured I would go ahead and scroll it out.

This pattern was just a little harder then the usual pattern. The head, as you can see in the photo isn't attached very well to the wings, with just a little Sliver of wood on either side.

Well needless to say, if you aren't VERY Careful when you scroll saw these areas, and sturdy you will snap it right off, especially with Plywood. I managed pretty well cutting this one out. if it wasn't for the Sharp Flying Dutchmen and the #3 Blade, Probably don't think I could have done it that easy.

Craftsman blades suck at cutting, they are more Brittle, almost like they were made from Cast, I bent one and it snapped easy, these flying Dutchmen are very flexible makes it easier to insert into the predrilled Holes for cutting out your work!

Enjoy the pattern, and thanks again to "rbjndustries, inc." for the pattern.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Little Country!

How about a Little Country Setting here? Found these Just got finished scrolling them out.

Hope you enjoy them. Probably put on my etsy store see if i can make some money off of them.

Tell me what you think.

I put blue Construction paper behind the boy and purple behind the girl to see what it would look like.

Give me some feed back Y'all so I know some ideas to juggle around here...

By the way, since I got my new Blades, I've not even painted and finished my Halloween Lantern yet lol. I Know Bad me lol, will get started on it tomorrow so the paint can dry and I can take pictures and post them, so I can get that project out of the way.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To Be Colored or Not to be?

This is the question! To Be colored or Not to be?

We have Fretwork on the left side and the Cub Scout Logo on the right side.

I am thinking of just leaving them uncolored, and if I decide to sell these Patterns. I will let the buyer, buy as a finish yourself product to keep cost of materials down as well as the price.

I finished both of these today. The Fretwork took the longest, as I had to be slower around certain areas. As you can see more Fragile areas that could have been broken easily.

Well with my Skill. Muhahahahaha... It Shall go unbroken.

Kidding. For the most part here. I am using Oak 1/4" Ply. Don't really like it all that much, it seems to splinter often. Altou, i've been using my Craftsman blades, on the Fretwork, just for the Biggest sections thou, not the smaller. I was Lucky today and received my Scroll Saw Blades from Mikes Workshop.

After I finished off my biggest area on my Fretwork, I finished drilling my Smaller holes (Didn't have any Smaller Drill bits, So I took a 3/4" long 18g Brad Nail, Stuck it in my Drill press, upside down, Turned it on, Filed the head off of it, took it out, and Filled 1/2 way threw the nail bout 1/4 way down, this gives the nail a cutting Surface, Means Cleaner Holes, instead of puncture holes), then I put in my Flying Dutchman Blade. The Flying Dutchman Ultra Reverse (FD-UR #5).

It has served me well for the rest of my Fretwork, Clean cuts easy cuts, compared to my Craftsman blades.

Now word to the wise thou, these blades are pretty well sharpen, that you need a study hand to guide these blades, or they will take control until you do. They will Slice threw the wood like a Hot butter knife threw butter.

These blades are a Blessing. Just the short few hours that I have used these blades. I am Truly impressed with the craftsmanship, The sturdiness. I would recommend these to anyone that is a beginner or even an advanced scrollsawer.

I will continue buying these blades from Mikes Workshop as long as he continues to carry them. For anyone interested again, check Mikes Workshop out, you will truly be amazed at the quality and craftsmanship of these blades.

Any comments upon the crafts displayed in this post are apprecited. Any Critque also, what could make it better, what could make it worse, ideas, etc.

Lay it on me!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Lantern Part 4 of 5

The Cat vs. The Eye. Who will Stare who Down? Find out who s bigger then who in the next stare down, Coming to you at your nearest Crafters made possible by Handi Productions and Crafts!

Lets move on Shall we? Me and Betty are Crafting this Lantern, She has just finished her Cat, my Eye was already finished, so I was waiting on her to Finish up The Cat.

Now that we are more then 1/2 way done with this Project, here is the next Step! I will trim off A Total of 1/2" from 2 Panels, 1/4" on the left and 1/4" on the right. As Each Panel are 8 1/2" Wide. Triming down 2 Panels at 1/2" will give each panel 8". This will give me an Exact 8"x8" Under Panel, as the Base.

The only other Alternative would to, Cut Finger Joints in all Panels, Still giving me 8x8 Base panel, But instead of doing so, I've just decided at this point to use butt-joints with small 3/4" Nails. The Reason, My Table Saw doesn't have a Miter Gage Slot on either side of the Blade, This would prove almost impossible Free Hand, and the time invested in such a Simple project, not to mention, it's getting colder threw the nights, and my Shop (Garage) isn't Heated, and I would need my Life Size Heat Rock to keep me warm while I work.

So we are going with butt-joints with this project. After this is done, All insides of the panels will be Painted Orange, so when the Candles are Lit, It will give off an orange Glow, as if it was a real Pumpkin, Then all Panels on the outside will be Painted Black. So no Light can be reflected off of it, so it gives it the feel of a Void space lit up from no where.

So my Next post, Will include the Panels painted and put together as the final Step in this 5 Part Project. I will be looking forward to all of your comments!


Scroll Saw Blades!

Sorry for no post the last few days, I have been Searching for patterns while waiting on my new Blades to Arrive from Mikes Workshop, He has a very generous Supply. And I've decided to give him a try because he was prompt with answering my questions in email, and have directed me in the right direction on which blades to try and all.

So I'm waiting for my blades to Arrive so I can get started on some of my Patterns that require smaller blades then what I have available currently. Unfortunately, all I have are Craftsman blades, which don't get me wrong, they give you a pack of blades, no #'s on them, just the T.P.I and what they are good for. This ok, but not helpful, when you are doing a Pattern that requires say a #3 Blade. And craftsman dont' classify their blades by the # system.

So most of the blades that I have, well, work pretty well for the "Bigger" Patterns, but the more intrcate Detail, less then a 1/16 Diameter hole for tight cutouts and corners, these won't cut it. Literely. So while I wait impatiently and excidedly for my new blades to arrive, I've been reviewing my Pattern Stash in Adobe Format "PDF" and Printing some off and Glueing them to my Oak Plywood, And taping up with Packing Tape.

Yeah, I Know, Packing Tape??? Well from Lots of Reading, Questions, etc. I have figured out the reason as many others has figured out the reasons for Packing Tape. I'm not sure the Reason why, But packing Tape on your patterns, will Prevent Tareout on Older Blades AND will have not have burn Marks from the blades. The Adhesive from the Tape Helps Lubercates the Blades to prevent Burn Marks.

I've also red that alot of people said that it don't work, Well, I have to Disagree with that. it does work, it does reduce friction and you end up with a nice clean cut 99% of the time. The other 1%, Well could be the Blades are Dull and or Could've been what I call in computer terms, that Apply not only to computers, but as an error in General "USER ERROR". You see, a Machine can't go wrong by it's self. There has to be a "USER" Behind the machine to turn it on to operate it.

If there isn't no one behind the Machine, well, it don't work. So, it has to be used by a "USER" For it to operate, even the R/C Models.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Haunted House!

I have Decided to Finish up my Haunted House, since I'm waiting on my Old lady to Finish up the cat so We can get the Halloween Lantern painted and glued up.

Hope you enjoy this project also, sorry for no Prepictures, Betty wanted the Haunted House, so I Started working on it last night and got it finished, well Cut out, and Sanded front and back, no inside sanding yet, I've got to get some more Sand paper sheets and make some Sanding Sticks, that Great Idea Came from Steve Goods over at The Scroll Saw Workshop.

I would never have thought about it if I Wasn't a watcher of his Podcast. If you are interested in some basic stuff also and easy to do project, Jump right on over to Steve and see what he has.

With that out of the way, I would like to also give thanks to Lisa Berberette for this pattern we got off the internet. It's originally a Pumpkin Pattern, but since Scroll Saw Patterns are basically Identical I decded to use it for a Plac for the wall or the door.

Hope you enjoy the picture just as much as I enjoyed Scrolling it out.



I Wanted to take this time while away from my Scroll Saw and my morning Online News Reading (Blog's I Follow) and Post an Entry about my Family.

As some Family's are Small and some are Big family's. Well our family is pretty big.

We have 5 Dogs all together (Curly, Asher, Stinky, Lady and Matty) and we have 6 Birds (Baby, Sparky, Shasta, Aferdities, Smoky and Prissy). Cockatiels.

Then we have 1 Ol Lady, She's 29 and her Name is Betty. She's a Mixed Breed, not sure what she is completely. But let it be known that she has a Temper with that Thick Red Main. She's like a Shaken up Warm Pepsi waiting to be open sometimes.

Then we also have 1 Boy, He's 7 and his name is Damian, He is also a Mixed Breed. Not sure what all he has either.

But I took them all in and gave them a home, a bed and floor to sleep on, and food in bowls and plates to feed them! They are adjusting well to their environment.

Enjoy some of the pictures. I don't have pictures of my Birds at this time, until I take some of course, so you will just have to see the small part of the family.