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Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Little Snow, A lot of Cold

How is everyone on this Fine COOOOOOLD morning?

As usual it's cold, Gas prices are still slightly down enough that it's not going to brake the bank for us this winter, well lets hope anyway, me and my ole lady are rejoycing because of it.

Normally around this time of the year, our gas bill runs around 350.00 a month during the winter, this hits us hard being low income and all. But we need heat for ourselves, our pets and our son. So we have to find away to pay it, we have also been trying to make a little extra money by selling some of our Hand Crafts on etsy store.

Of course, we haven't been doing very well with that either, I think it's because we don't have our name out there yet, or it's people don't like what we craft, whatever the veriable is behind why we arn't getting business, maybe it's not ment to be, Who knows.

We've tried getting a Job, but being Handicapped, the economy and the job market will now allow, you might as well say, have a Job because of Limitations they say, or they say, we don't have any openings, but yet, you see an imediate Hiring as soon as someone walks in the door, Then when you claim to throw a Law Suite on them, They just claim that the Job requires Heavy Lifting, Requires Upper area Organizing or anything that they can come up with to not hire you cause you will put a Damper on Sales cause you are what the customers see when they walk into the Store or office.

So, the best work I found, if we got sales that is, is behind the computer, I don't have to worry about listening to Dumb ass people say, You are under or over qualified, we arn't hiring right now, we can't hire you because it requires this and that, It's all Bullshit, So to eliminate the Middle man and work for Stupid people, I will work for myself, and what better boss to have?

You are your own Boss, You make your own Hours and Pay what better way is there? It's what I've always wanted... not really for Scroll Sawing, but more for Computers, But computers are moving so fast, i'm not sure what I want anymore so right now I'm sticking with Scroll Sawing.

If anyone is interested in checking my work out, Check some of the Older Post on this Blog, and goto and check out my newest projects that I have completed.


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