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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Little Christmas Spirit!

I've been busy here lately, Scrolling out some stuff for my Store.

Here are a few items that has made it to my store. As of today, have made 4 Sales on my Snowflake Ornaments and my Angel you see in the pictures here.

For anyone interested in seeing more please visit my Store. I am doing a little more Christmas stuff right now to add to my store, so for a short while, some of my projects are on hold until can keep stock up!

But I will be adding some of my project still, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. So check back!



The Great Ethan Allen said...

Jimmy, I checked out your store and it looks pretty good! I have been thinking about your offer on the seats for the last couple of days. Cheryl has urged me to consider, but I have to answer some questions for myself first. ( stain, finish, type of wood, hinges, etc.) I'll definately keep ya in mind though. i don't even know if I will end up with plywood seats or if the customer will go for them. Anyway, one other thing: November 1st is Write your novel month! 50,000 words in 30 days! has all the details, Maybe you can give it a try. I'm pasing it on to all my blog list. who knows who I will inspire.

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


I don't know if would be the one for the seats myself. I was merely making a slight mockery of needing money and you needing Seats.

The fact remains, that it would be difficult for me to transport the Ply to my house, and cut the sheet to manageable pieces. Then from there.

If the Store could cut manageable pieces for free, this would help, but then, the problem remains also for me to get out to my Garage in the winter with no heat and craft the seats for you.

What you could do, is Craft one of your Ply seats, stick it on your store for a slightly discounted price and state in the Description that you are thinking of going to ply seats for cost effective reasons.

If you think about it, a Ply seat would be 1 complete piece, except for the fact of the layers, other then that, its all one piece, and that is a + in my book anyway.

Means no Glue ups, which also means no breaking at the glue ups, the only thing would be to find a good quality piece of ply that was not splintered and the likes.

I kinda like the Laminate rings, it gives it character and a little style.


Travis said...

Those look great. I'm glad to hear you're starting to sell a few items. I got set up with a storefront awhile back, but have yet to post anything for sale. I guess I gotta stop making stuff I want to keep. ;)

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Everything I make I want to keep, but can't, can't afford to keep it all, no room lol.

So, I figured, that I will try my hand at Selling them on etsy. I had the store up for less then a week. Posted stuff 3 days ago, and sold 3 Ornaments just yesterday.

And several Views of my Ornaments, i was impressed at how quickly people look at the stuff, i posted one of my snowflakes, and there was 2 Views right after.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Yeah I have been thinking over on how I can get the sheet back home. I probably will just strap it on the roof like the old days when we did craft shows. Menhards will cut the piece, but it costs $1 per cut! ( not much, but it adds up for multiple cuts) Plus they don't measure very carefully. Anyway, I actually want to try it to increase my wood working knowledge....

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Thats what I used to do. But it was hard to do with me and the ol lady.

So I just buy the 1/2 Sheets of 1/4 for my Scroll Saw, until I get the money to buy the bigger sheets for the kitchen, then I will have my Uncle help me.

the 1/4" Will fit in my Trunk. Easier that way lol.