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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Toothbrush & Cup Holder - Part 1 of 2

Hello everyone

First off, I would like to thank everyone that has checked out my Blog since Yesterday!

Now, Lets get down to work! This is my Toothbrush & Cup Holder Project. This was made out of Old scrap wood laying around my Garage (outside, matter fact), it was a broken 1x12 about 12" long.

I Squared the 2 Pieces off, The I Sent them threw my Craftsman 12" Planner. The end result was 1/2" thick stock by 12" long. This allowed me to use my Wheel attachment in my Drllpress to Cut out perfect circles to hold 3 Cups (Family of 3), at 3", 6" and 9" apart.

Then it was sanded with 120g up to 220g sandpaper.

Once the bottom was finished, I routed a 1/4" Round over along the front and sides of the base.

The back, I took the base, Lined the holes at the very top of the back, Traced the circles on the very top of the back, This give me some of the design I was looking for, On the sides, measured down 3", used a Straight ruler to connect the 3" mark to the top of the Circle, I done this for both sides of the back.

For the very top Center, I used a 15/16" Impact Socket :) to make the center circle, then I Cut out my Design with my Craftsmen 10" Band saw.

Then the back was sanded with 120g up to 220g sandpaper as well.

Then lastly I Put it together, with a butt-joint and 3 - 3/4" Counter sunk Hobby Screws.

On the back of the back, I routed out 2 Keyhole Slots to Hang it on the wall.

Here is the ending Result so Far of my Project!

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