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Saturday, October 4, 2008


This Blogging spot is slowly coming along, so please bare with me as I get everything in order and placed.

Hopefully more post will occur in due time, some photos will be added of past and present crafts, woodworking and scroll sawing projects.

The setup process has taken a little longer then expected, but as the minutes and days add up, so does the content, so check back often for photos and possible videos!

Jimmy "Handi" Warner


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Hey jimmy! I'll be your first comment. Can't wait to see how the blog turns our. I hope you post often and give me a fellow woodworker to read up on. Gotta start somewhere and I thought I would have little to say I was wrong I post almost everyday. btw Got your blog from woodwhisperer. Im being ..."proactive" in accumulating my blog follow list. Best of luck to ya!

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


I'm Glad you dropped by and left me a comment, It's all got to start somewhere.

I hope you will enjoy how little or how much I add to my Blog. Since I just started it yesterday, There obviously won't be much here, but eventually Time will hopefully change that!

Like I Said in my post on "The Woodwhisperer" there may not be much here during the Winter months as it's hard to access my Garage in the winter months.

But however I am in the process of building my Scroll Saw Table so I can bring it into the house to use it this winter, So I may have more Scroll Saw Projects in the winter, But as money Permits so will projects.

Thanks again for stopping by!