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Friday, October 10, 2008

My Workshop (Garage) Part 3 of 3

This is my 12" Craftsman Planer. It has helped me a lot so far with resurfacing my projects with a Smooth finish, as well as taking it down a few 16th or so to get the desired thickness, along with sanding, never forget that.

I find that when I use the Plan, I have to sand afterwords of course, but I get this embossed Line across my boards, almost like a Small Nick in the cutters, I've seen this once before on another Planer, but was unsure of what it meant, and I'm going out on a Limb here and taking a Guess that it may be a Small Nick in the blade that makes this embossed line along the boards. For Temporary, if this is the case, a Sanding with 120g should knock it down along with a little 220g afterwords to smooth out that baby's butt of a board!

This bad boy right here is my Craftsman Scroll Saw. It's hardly been used, cept today when I was cuttingout some nameplates, and well, I'm Disapointed right now cause it quit working on me, which means i'm gonna have to take it into the shop to get fixed. Thank goodness for warrenties.

I'm Looking forward to getting it fixed soon so I can continue my Scrollsawing, I'm gonna get a litte "Board" sitting at home in the winter with nothing to do but Blog about wanting to the garage and work, and can't cause of the snow. So, once this is fixed, it will put my mind at ease, so I will have something to do in the house while the Snow falls, and I can blog bout my Scrollsawing!

And lastly, this is my craftsman 10" Tablesaw with built in router table attachment, so I'm getting 2 tools for one basically. I have a Skil Router attached to the Attachment, it has served me well also, the only bad thing is its a 1/4" Shank, so I have to work around the Cabinet work Details and all, But the both together saves me lots of room, til i can build my Benches and my craft tables and all. This table saw also is foldeable up and moveable, which works well for me at the moment, cause I can just pick it up a little and move it outta the way.

The Drawbacks of this machine, is that the Mitergage slots are not on either side of the blade, they are on the router attachment, which makes it VERY Difficult to rip pieces, or even use a Mitered 45 Degree Cutting Sled, and the length of cutting is limited. Which also means, I'm gonna have to get me a Circular Saw with a Straight edge Cutting Guide to Ripe my longer stock.
Which isn't that big of a deal, was planning on doing anyway, it's the only way I can cut larger stock anyway, the table saw is mainly for the smaller projects.

So I Guess this works out for the best, at least for me anyway. This concludes the tour of my Shop (Garage), Hope you enjoyed it as I did, somewhat lol, more so if it was more organized, cabinets, tables, etc, but that is soon to come, so I may make a video of the Shop (Garage) Tour #2 when Things are more organized.

Thanks for Checking back on the Post.


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