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Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Workshop (Garage) Part 2 of 3

This here piece of machine is my Digital/Lazar Craftsman Drill press, it has done well for me as well, it has helped me with a few projects, Counter sinking, cutting circles with my Wheel Cutter Bit and helping with drilling out mortises with my spade bits.

So it's been a Wonderful tool so far, and it is a 5 Speed also forgot to mention that, and this will also be used to drill me metal for when I get my Trike started. I'm in the process of building a Trike, and you will see some of the parts laying around the Shop as you see the Tour of my Tools, and I will point them out for anyone interested!

This is my 12" Craftsman Band saw. It's done fairly well so far, I've noticed a few things with it that isn't satisfactory. For example, the Cast Iron Table on this Model, well it's not 100% Non movable, it moves around a little from side to side, it don't want to stay square with the blade, almost like it has a Weak Bevel Adjuster.

I've tried to tighten it up as much as I can, and it still has movement. Any recommendation on this would be helpful, just email me with a few tips on how to fix it if possible!

This is my Combo Craftsman Belt/Disc Sander. As you can see from the picture, its gotten some use on it. I need to get me one of them sander Sticks, that clean off all the stuff on the pads..

Would keep it clean for me and cheaper so I won't have to buy lots of sand paper.

Well this concludes my 2nd part of the post for the moment. Time for Supper, Since i'm the cook, I got to get it going, I will post the 3rd part when I can get around to it.

Thanks for Checking the post out, hope you enjoyed the tour so far, I know most of it is standard in a shop, but I guess it's how it's setup that counts!


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