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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Lantern Part 4 of 5

The Cat vs. The Eye. Who will Stare who Down? Find out who s bigger then who in the next stare down, Coming to you at your nearest Crafters made possible by Handi Productions and Crafts!

Lets move on Shall we? Me and Betty are Crafting this Lantern, She has just finished her Cat, my Eye was already finished, so I was waiting on her to Finish up The Cat.

Now that we are more then 1/2 way done with this Project, here is the next Step! I will trim off A Total of 1/2" from 2 Panels, 1/4" on the left and 1/4" on the right. As Each Panel are 8 1/2" Wide. Triming down 2 Panels at 1/2" will give each panel 8". This will give me an Exact 8"x8" Under Panel, as the Base.

The only other Alternative would to, Cut Finger Joints in all Panels, Still giving me 8x8 Base panel, But instead of doing so, I've just decided at this point to use butt-joints with small 3/4" Nails. The Reason, My Table Saw doesn't have a Miter Gage Slot on either side of the Blade, This would prove almost impossible Free Hand, and the time invested in such a Simple project, not to mention, it's getting colder threw the nights, and my Shop (Garage) isn't Heated, and I would need my Life Size Heat Rock to keep me warm while I work.

So we are going with butt-joints with this project. After this is done, All insides of the panels will be Painted Orange, so when the Candles are Lit, It will give off an orange Glow, as if it was a real Pumpkin, Then all Panels on the outside will be Painted Black. So no Light can be reflected off of it, so it gives it the feel of a Void space lit up from no where.

So my Next post, Will include the Panels painted and put together as the final Step in this 5 Part Project. I will be looking forward to all of your comments!



The Great Ethan Allen said...

I woudl imagine a simple butt joint would be fine for a small project like that. Unless you wanted to fool around with a box joint or a dovetail. ( I want to make something with dovetails just to see if I can do it!) I have yet to build something where I could include dovetails or box joins in the design. ( a small box maybe) Anyway. you better get a heater for Christmas or a dustcollector and move inside. lol

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


I only wish. The winter months are bad for us here. Mainly getting help shouvling snow and keeping them clean so we can get out and goto the store.

And we don't have a Sidewalk either, and that don't help matters. And if I was to get a Heater of some sort would still be difficult to get out to the Shop to make stuff cause of the snow.

I would like to get a wood burner, my Shop is equipped with Duct work for one, my Garage used to be a Wood shop. From my Understanding, one of the Previously Owners, had a Cabinet Shop in my Very Garage, had a Catalog out and everything, it's very well insulated, and has the Duct work for a wood burner stove. And has I bet 25 Plugs everywhere. The only bad thing thou, is it's still on Fuse box instead of Breaker Box, Got to rewire a new box in.

Shouldn't cost me too much to do it myself, it's only bout 60 bucks for a new box, and a few bucks for the breakers, so should be ok.

So, I'm already set with what I need except the stove to keep it warm. But don't have money for one, might just have to sell some of my Many Scroll Projects to make up the money to get one put in next year.


DollHouse said...

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