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Friday, October 24, 2008

For Your Country!

Here is a pattern I come across by "rbindustries, inc" and figured I would go ahead and scroll it out.

This pattern was just a little harder then the usual pattern. The head, as you can see in the photo isn't attached very well to the wings, with just a little Sliver of wood on either side.

Well needless to say, if you aren't VERY Careful when you scroll saw these areas, and sturdy you will snap it right off, especially with Plywood. I managed pretty well cutting this one out. if it wasn't for the Sharp Flying Dutchmen and the #3 Blade, Probably don't think I could have done it that easy.

Craftsman blades suck at cutting, they are more Brittle, almost like they were made from Cast, I bent one and it snapped easy, these flying Dutchmen are very flexible makes it easier to insert into the predrilled Holes for cutting out your work!

Enjoy the pattern, and thanks again to "rbjndustries, inc." for the pattern.


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