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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To Be Colored or Not to be?

This is the question! To Be colored or Not to be?

We have Fretwork on the left side and the Cub Scout Logo on the right side.

I am thinking of just leaving them uncolored, and if I decide to sell these Patterns. I will let the buyer, buy as a finish yourself product to keep cost of materials down as well as the price.

I finished both of these today. The Fretwork took the longest, as I had to be slower around certain areas. As you can see more Fragile areas that could have been broken easily.

Well with my Skill. Muhahahahaha... It Shall go unbroken.

Kidding. For the most part here. I am using Oak 1/4" Ply. Don't really like it all that much, it seems to splinter often. Altou, i've been using my Craftsman blades, on the Fretwork, just for the Biggest sections thou, not the smaller. I was Lucky today and received my Scroll Saw Blades from Mikes Workshop.

After I finished off my biggest area on my Fretwork, I finished drilling my Smaller holes (Didn't have any Smaller Drill bits, So I took a 3/4" long 18g Brad Nail, Stuck it in my Drill press, upside down, Turned it on, Filed the head off of it, took it out, and Filled 1/2 way threw the nail bout 1/4 way down, this gives the nail a cutting Surface, Means Cleaner Holes, instead of puncture holes), then I put in my Flying Dutchman Blade. The Flying Dutchman Ultra Reverse (FD-UR #5).

It has served me well for the rest of my Fretwork, Clean cuts easy cuts, compared to my Craftsman blades.

Now word to the wise thou, these blades are pretty well sharpen, that you need a study hand to guide these blades, or they will take control until you do. They will Slice threw the wood like a Hot butter knife threw butter.

These blades are a Blessing. Just the short few hours that I have used these blades. I am Truly impressed with the craftsmanship, The sturdiness. I would recommend these to anyone that is a beginner or even an advanced scrollsawer.

I will continue buying these blades from Mikes Workshop as long as he continues to carry them. For anyone interested again, check Mikes Workshop out, you will truly be amazed at the quality and craftsmanship of these blades.

Any comments upon the crafts displayed in this post are apprecited. Any Critque also, what could make it better, what could make it worse, ideas, etc.

Lay it on me!



raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Jimmy. Great work on both. I especially like the Fretwork. It's very intricate.

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Wow they look great! Looks like you're getting more detailed. Went to the shop ..only $26 ( or so) for a gross! Not bad I hear the really fine blades break fairly often so it is best to buy gross for really large projects. 1/4 inch plywood slinters soo bad, I'm imptressed you can cut that detail in it. Can't wait to see more!

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

Thanks for the Comments Lisa and Ethan.

It was my First attempt for Fretwork, as small and fine as the lines was and the space between the other lines. There was a few times, I thought for sure, the emblem on the cub scout logo was going to break out. If you notice there are only 2 Sliver of ply holding it to the rest, about 1/8" for both. Not much.

Ethan, That is true in some cases, although I've finished both of them last night, I've not had any trouble. It all goes along with, How hard you push it threw, how hard the wood is (more Friction more heat) and how tight you tighten the blade.

Me, I've had bad luck with some of the craftsman blades braking because of heat or over tightening at the top. These new Blades, Not had a single trouble out of them yet,and Ive only put one in so far.

The Craftsman I've put bout 5 in, most are broken, and just bout all of them are dull already. The FD that I used last night is still kickin.

More ware on them when you use ply then reg hardwood. So once I get around to getting some hard wood, we will see a difference compared to the Ply.


raccoonlover1963 said...

Hello again Jimmy. The rental house is out on Mayfair, one street north of the 4-H grounds.
I thought I had seen you at that blue house. It's been over a week since I saw you there, but I was going from your picture.

Travis said...

I wouldn't add any color at all to your projects. The oak is so nice, it would be a shame to cover it. Maybe put a piece of colored acrylic or stained glass behind the arch and use it as a sun catcher. Black felt backing for the scout logo would look great. I tried Steve Good's method of using lemon oil on the wood. It really makes the grain stand out nicely. I sprayed acrylic coat on the top to protect it. It looks really nice and might be worth looking into.

I'm glad you got some quality blades. It really does make all the difference in the world. Plus they're a heck of a lot cheaper than the Craftsman blades.

Keep up the good work!

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Apparently I've been watching one of your blogs "Scroll saw Goodies" I have no Idea you had a few more, so I will be watching them also.

And thanks for the Ideas, I was thinking of using a Colored film for the back, my Old lady suggested using several Different colors of construction Paper to give it a Stain Glass effect.

But I didn't want to put that much more work into it. I ave a Etsy Store and I was gonna stick some of the stuff on there just sanded to keep the cost down, let the buyers paint it or something.

What would you go with? I could use the extra money, but don't want the cost to be significant they don't want to purchase my Work.


Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Yes this where we live, me and my Girlfriend are buying the house.

Just trying to make a few extra bucks to help pay for stuff in the winter, so i thought I would create the blog to show some of my work and all!


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