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Sunday, October 19, 2008


I Wanted to take this time while away from my Scroll Saw and my morning Online News Reading (Blog's I Follow) and Post an Entry about my Family.

As some Family's are Small and some are Big family's. Well our family is pretty big.

We have 5 Dogs all together (Curly, Asher, Stinky, Lady and Matty) and we have 6 Birds (Baby, Sparky, Shasta, Aferdities, Smoky and Prissy). Cockatiels.

Then we have 1 Ol Lady, She's 29 and her Name is Betty. She's a Mixed Breed, not sure what she is completely. But let it be known that she has a Temper with that Thick Red Main. She's like a Shaken up Warm Pepsi waiting to be open sometimes.

Then we also have 1 Boy, He's 7 and his name is Damian, He is also a Mixed Breed. Not sure what all he has either.

But I took them all in and gave them a home, a bed and floor to sleep on, and food in bowls and plates to feed them! They are adjusting well to their environment.

Enjoy some of the pictures. I don't have pictures of my Birds at this time, until I take some of course, so you will just have to see the small part of the family.



raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Jimmy. boy that's a lot of mouths to feed! I only have one cat and a few fish, but I also feed three or four stray neighborhood cats, two opossums, and about four or so raccoons. I keep threatening that I am going to trap the opossums and raccoons and take them with me when we move into my mom's house in a couple of weeks.
Take Care

The Great Ethan Allen said...

I understand the 5 dogs and 5 birds ...bit one kid? are you out of your mind? they live to be 80 years old! and they will bother you for money and ask for your car, and then tell you you were a bad parent. Dogs on the otherhand, Well, mans best friend says it all.

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


That was Great, Yea I hear ya there...

We are already starting to hear, Why do you make me do all this Stuff? Why does the Teacher got to give me "Challenging" Homework for? Why do I have to do this and that, and everything around here?

We've heard it all, Oh, and why do I have to keep my Shoes Tied? Because if you don't, the money in your Penny Bank wil be used to replace broken Strings. Needless to say, he's bought a few Pair already to prove to him that I ment what I said lol.

Responsibility I told him, to take care of your things, Not just throw them around and whatnot.


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