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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scroll Saw Blades!

Sorry for no post the last few days, I have been Searching for patterns while waiting on my new Blades to Arrive from Mikes Workshop, He has a very generous Supply. And I've decided to give him a try because he was prompt with answering my questions in email, and have directed me in the right direction on which blades to try and all.

So I'm waiting for my blades to Arrive so I can get started on some of my Patterns that require smaller blades then what I have available currently. Unfortunately, all I have are Craftsman blades, which don't get me wrong, they give you a pack of blades, no #'s on them, just the T.P.I and what they are good for. This ok, but not helpful, when you are doing a Pattern that requires say a #3 Blade. And craftsman dont' classify their blades by the # system.

So most of the blades that I have, well, work pretty well for the "Bigger" Patterns, but the more intrcate Detail, less then a 1/16 Diameter hole for tight cutouts and corners, these won't cut it. Literely. So while I wait impatiently and excidedly for my new blades to arrive, I've been reviewing my Pattern Stash in Adobe Format "PDF" and Printing some off and Glueing them to my Oak Plywood, And taping up with Packing Tape.

Yeah, I Know, Packing Tape??? Well from Lots of Reading, Questions, etc. I have figured out the reason as many others has figured out the reasons for Packing Tape. I'm not sure the Reason why, But packing Tape on your patterns, will Prevent Tareout on Older Blades AND will have not have burn Marks from the blades. The Adhesive from the Tape Helps Lubercates the Blades to prevent Burn Marks.

I've also red that alot of people said that it don't work, Well, I have to Disagree with that. it does work, it does reduce friction and you end up with a nice clean cut 99% of the time. The other 1%, Well could be the Blades are Dull and or Could've been what I call in computer terms, that Apply not only to computers, but as an error in General "USER ERROR". You see, a Machine can't go wrong by it's self. There has to be a "USER" Behind the machine to turn it on to operate it.

If there isn't no one behind the Machine, well, it don't work. So, it has to be used by a "USER" For it to operate, even the R/C Models.



The Great Ethan Allen said...

I was reading up on the types of scroll saw blaeds in a book a few weeks back. the "spiral" blade was supose to be good for cuvy cuts since it cuts in all directions. the drawback was that it was a rougher cut than the others. the other blades with the teeth on the up cut and a couple of teeth on the down cut confuse me. don'r really knwo what they were better at. maybe smoother maybe less work on the saw.I'll wait for your next post to find out.

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


I've not received the blades yet, Still Waiting, I just ordered them the other day. So could be close to a week, which will put a damper on some of my projects I want to work on, because they require a more smaller blade like a #3.

The Assortment Pack that I got from Mikes Workshop includes a #3 RT (Reverse Teeth), Meaning that 1/2 of the Teeth are going up, and the other 1/2 are going down. From my Understanding, this minimize Tare out and smoother cuts, because its cutting Both ways, up and down.

I've tried the Spiral Bits, at least with my experience so far, with Craftsman Spiral Bits, they arn't that good. Harder to control, wants to go where it wants to not where you want it to.

Once I receive my Blades and try them out, I will Review them, and take Pictures of the Difference in Cuts to get a General Idea across of how they cut and all!


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