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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Time Flys!

Oh my How time fly's... While you are having fun and while you are not... I've been trying to find some time in my shop... New projects or just outside working in the yard, mowing, raking or just general yard work.

But the weather here in Hartford City really Sucks right about now, Today seems to be about one of the Nicest days in a few days, when I get a Hankering of going out, that's when it starts up...

I was Lucky enough yesterday that i went out and Mowed my Yard and got that taken care of, tomorrow if I got time, I will probably head out and Rake a little, but a Travel to Muncie is on the Main Agenda right now. We need Dog food for our 5 Dogs.

Also I wanted to say I'm really Sorry about the Video of the Week Section of my Blog, I have been so busy over the winter worring about my Gas Bill, about wood, and everything in general...

Well actually That's a Lie lol, I'm not a Worrier, I just got slightly tired of blogging some over the winter that i took a little break, along with the video of the week as well.

So instead of being a Video of The Week, There will be a Video of Whenever I decide to post one lol.

As the warmer weather comes in, new things will happen, new flowers will take their place in the Yards, bugs will fly in, animals will walk and hop around... And we as people will start to come out of our hiding places to enjoy the weather, freshly mowed grass will fill the air, pleasant for some, not so for others.

Anyway, Be looking for some post here and there... Good or Bad... I don't care... I will post what is on my mind, take it and leave it, or take it and use it.

The way I see it... If you didn't want to know or read it, you wouldn't be following my Blog. So Ramp on and Rave on, Send me your comments, concerns, or anything you want me to post or whatever, I don't give a shit... Well I'm not going to pick it up and hand it to you, the stink won't ever come off my hands if I do that, so I guess I won't touch that one!

Later guys!