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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well... Uhhh... Hmmm...

It Appears to be the 1st of July today. Of couse just another day and another dollar short in the game of life. No where to go, No money to spend.

When you do get Money to Spend, it all goes to William our most Dreaded person at the beginning of the month, His nickname is what everyone refurs to as "BILL". Phone "BILL", Cable "BILL", Water "BILL" He's very well Known to VERYONE, not really a great Friend, but an Aquaintance that we all know.

I like to lessen the Stress by reufirng to "BILL" as William, My Lil Ole Nickname for our Lil Dreaded Friend that comes for a monthly or even weekly/biweekly visit to some of us. Personaly I would like to get rid of William and never see him again nor his lil friends, but unfortunatly I dont' think that will happen.

Anyway on a side note. I would like to wish everyone a Very Happy Forth of July an Independance day I guess, if that's what you call it now. Got several opinions about that myself, but there are 2 things that I refuse to talk about and Politics is one of them and Religion is the other, neither is my Strong point, and I stay away from talking about them cause everyone has their own opinion about the subjects as well as I do, and could end up in a Huge Conflict.

So you won't catch me talking about either of them here, but you will hear me talking about other kinds of stupid shit that may be relevent at that point in time. Todays post is just a blah post, nothing of real importance or significant meaning. Just a One of them Days, Could be the weather or could be something else.

Well that's about enough of whatever it is I'm talking about and on to better things, like my Pizza in the oven I'm getting ready to Sign off and go eat for my lunch cause I've not ate anything yet today so far, so this is my Breakfast/Lunch combo. I got my Bread, Milk and my Veggies all Wrapped up in one!


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