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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So many Bills, So little Money!

Every hear the Term "Robbing from Peter to Pay Paul"?

This appears the appropriate term that we have been using During our Winter months here in Hartford City Indiana.

We have Ran into a MAJOR Snag with the Gas Company here, more major then last winter. lets just say that we had to get on a Payment plan cause our bill for a 3 month period all together was about 2/3's our Income combined together. More then what it was last year.

The good thing, I suppose, is that we got a hold of winterzation program here locally, they sent someone out to check out our furnace and water heater. unfortunately, we've had a Small Flood in the basement, since winter is leaving, water is draining in our basement.

So he's going to come back with a friend to check in Mid summer, if it's all Dried up, we will be getting our water heater and furnace replaced to a 90% Efficiency. So hopefully this coming winter will be a better winter for us once we get our Ancient Furnace and water heater replaced with a newer model.

Until then, we are paying off our debt to the gas company that was their fault, but of course being a monopoly, they will not own up to their end of screwing us over cause they know they can get away with the shit cause we need gas to heat with.

Anyway, on the other note... Our Kitchen Renovation will have to be put on Hold for next year most likely, due to the high debt with the gas company, we won't be able to afford the materials to redo our kitchen this summer, the Kitchen is function able so it's not too big of a deal, but looking at an unfinished kitchen has it's draw backs of not wanting to go in the kitchen, cause of the look of unfinished, it's kinda Stressful.



The Great Ethan Allen said...

jimmy, I'm not sure you you get people to log on your feedburner. I don't know what it is really used for. Any advice? what shoudl I do to get people to "read" it? Is it like following? or watching? Help! Oh broke out the scroll saw the other day to cut the butterfly for the cabinet. I can tell I don't scroll saw much. It Took longer than I thought it would.

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

Ethan: Well for 1, You may have to Transfer your feedburner over to, I think google bought them out or something.

Anyway, when you sign up for feedburner, you have to add your blog address into it to burn it.. That's pretty much it...

Then you can set up an email subscription, and some other stuff... And you just have it added to your blog... Then you have to do a few small things...

Like Monotize, publisize to spice up the feed...

The purpose of the Feedburner, is to let people subscribe to your blog without actually going to your blog so to speak... You have all of the people in Feedburner that will view your blog.

It's really neat how it works. They have a Manuel also I do belive, that you can read a little on to see how most of it works.


raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Jimmy.
I know how the high energy bills can be. Last winter, in our old house, for two straight months, our electric bill was just short of $500 per month. We didn't have gas at the other house. Not only will they help out with the furnace, but they will also check out your insulation, and replace any that you might need. They will also seal any cracks in the foundation and block any outside vents that you may have leading under your house. They came out to our old house and took care of all that stuff. Our furnace was only a year old, but they still checked it out and made improvements where ever they saw fit. It made a real difference! My uncle owns that house, but he just had to sign papers saying that it was okay to make the adjustments and repairs. They will use this big plastic sheet "door" at one of your entrances and hook up a large fan to it to pull air out of the house. That will tell them where any air leaks are coming from, such as window frames, door frames, etc. Good luck with it.

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

@Lisa: Yeah we finally got an appointment with the guy, he came down and checked stuff out.

Then he left and called back, said he would look at it in Mid Summer cause we had water in the basement.

I did ask bout Foundation repair, He said they no longer do that, which sucks bad, cause we really need it done, got some hefty cracks in the foundation.

Gonna replace water heater and furnace, so we should be good this coming winter...


raccoonlover1963 said...

Also, make sure that you buy an insulator jacket for your water heater. They don't cost all that much, but what a difference. Before we bought our jacket, we had the water heater set about in the middle, and I could wash dishes with nothing but the hot water. Now, with the jacket, it is turned down all the way and I have to add cold water to keep from burning my hands. Cuts back on heating costs too.
Sorry to hear that they don't do foundation repairs any more.

Albert A Rasch said...

Things are tough all over!

I make it a point when I am cruising the blogosphere to right click new tab on everyone's sponsors. I learn about new products and info, and then it helps all the folks writing out there who are also sharing good info.

We all just have to help where we can and plug away to the best of our abilities!

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