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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Well.... Lets See...

Hmmm... I think time has flew or gotten away from me.

Well First...

I was playing World of Warcraft... And I'm still kinda doing that but I'm not... I'm paying for it but I've not been on it for about a month...

I'm kinda slightly bored with it. So I'm taking a Break.

Next... My Pontiac Grand Am I was driving around Decided to have a Steering Column problem and an Ignition problem, so now I had to lay my Grand Am down to rest for the winter until I can see if I can find a Steering Column from the Junk Yard, 1 Junk Yard I checked.... Said they got rid of all their OLD Cars, they no longer have any 87's Laying around ready to be stripped.

So then I had to Fix my Pontiac Sunbird... No Big Deal, A few minor problems... I had to Repair a few Sections of Break Lines 4 to be precise, 2 along the Side rail under the Driver Side, One behind the back rear Driver side Tire and one behind the Fuel Filter. I also had to Replace the Break Booster.

My baby is back up and running, my First Car ever I bought in 1995, It's an 86 Pontiac Sunbird... It's yellow... And everyone around here calls my Car The Rotten Banana. Cause it's Yellow with Rust Spots all over it lol.

And just this past week, I had to get a new Windshield Wiper Motor cause the old one burnt out... But all is good now with my Baby, She's back to her norm, she's getting me around, Now only if there is hope for my 87 Pontiac Grand Am...

Aside from these problems in the last 2 - 3 Months, I've not been doing anything... It's getting colder that means it's time to break out my Scrollsaw so I can work on some of my christmas Ornaments for my Etsy Store to see if I can make a lil more money this year, and hopefully by next year, I'll have enough to buy some extra wood for my Smaller Projects that's going to appear in my Store.

Then last but not least.... my Computer broke down for a few weeks, and didn't feel like fixing it cause I knew I'd get on it and not get anything done, so I left it alone and cought up on some Baseball Games this season + A few things around the house. Then I decided to go ahead and fix it cause we needed a machine working for our online bills we take care of, so had to be done.

Anyway, enough about me, Dogs need water and all, so I'm outta here...

have a Great Evening!


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