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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

01-28-09 Video of The Week - My 34th Birthday

In this Video of the Week, I basically Tell you it's my Birthday and this is what I got for my Birthday so far today.

A BIG Blanket of Snow and Still coming down, School is Canceled because of the Snow, and Our Winterization man Appointment has canceled because of the Snow as well.

I hope everyone enjoys the Short Video, it's Under 1m, there was a few Distractions so I had to cut it short, Maybe another Video will be at Hand today cause of this most Brilliant and Special Day that I was brought into this Life!

The Day should become a Holiday, Why not? Christmas was the day Jesus was Born, he was just a Man, I'm just a Man, so I pronounce this day and hinch forth a National Jimmys Birthday Holiday.  :)



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