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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Lantern Part 1 of 5

I have Temporarily Decided to Postpone the Antique Calendar Project, Just because of Halloween coming up pretty quickly, within a few weeks.

So to take the Place of the Antique Calendar, I've decided to do something a little Halloweenish. A little Scroll Saw Project.

Similar to a Pumpkin Carving, But with a Scroll Saw, and no messy Hands to clean afterwords, just pants to Dust off!

The idea behind this project, is to create a 4 sided box, with Halloween themed Patterns, Kind of like a Lantern with Scary faces, witches, black cats, etc. Here are 2 Patterns I've chosen so far, for 2 sides, once decided on the other 2 Sides, there will be another post, and then a 3rd post to show off the finished product.

Hope you enjoy the Patterns, and the Finished Project afterwords! My old lady is learning to use the Scroll Saw herself, so she is helping with this project to give her some experience with using the Scroll Saw, She has CP, so it's a little harder for her to do, but this will her with coordination and hand exercises.


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