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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blood Clot

Well my old lady got Val last night from ball hospital.

She as complaining about her leg hurting. She called the nurse. She said that she could have a blood clot in her leg. She goes to the ER here in Hartford City. They keep her almost al night then said they didn't have the equipment to do a scan, so they take her to ball.

She calls later that night and confirmed she did have a blood clot. So they been giving her morphin for the leg pain and been giving her hepern to thin the blood down to Brel up the clot. She came home with a pharmacy.

She has a few more meds then before thy upped her levithorixon which is her thyroid medication to 50mg which is good cause her levels were still low. And they got her on blood thinner injections 2x a day now to break up this clot stink in her leg.

More updates later.

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