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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I wonder if it's time to Jump back on that Blog Train?

It's been close to around this time last year that I left the Blogging Scene for a little time off...  Is it time for me to get back into it and Express how I feel about many different things? or Jest let it all go and blow in the wind like dust?

Well, I could say that, yesterday, it wasn't a very good day for me.

Many things happened yesterday.

1. I found that my car had been Egged.  Why?  No clue but I was Pissed about it...

2. I went to deliver a Customer their iPod I just fixed.  Got out to their car and Fell out of my Chair.

3. I went yet again out, to Deliver an iPhone. On my way back I had a Flat and the bead broke on the tire.

4. Looking at the Egg on the car Just pissed me off along with the tire that screwed up.

So my day didn't go very well yesterday.  I did make some money that was the bright side, but I think it was the universe telling me that it wasn't my day to be outside I guess...

So then today, I get up at 4:30, let the dogs out, Snow on the ground what the hell is with that? So this afternoon I go out to Fix my Flat, I can't get the Tire off the Hub.  So now I had to call someone to give me a Hand with getting it off so I can swap out my Spare.

Anyway,  I do believe this may be it for today, maybe for a few days or more, hard to tell, maybe just when I feel like Jumping the Gun...

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