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Friday, January 21, 2011

Homebrewing - Part 2 of 2: Big Bottling Day

Ok. we are back for the Second part of the Homebrewing Session.

First off, I'd like to Stress the fact that EVERYTHING Needs to be Clean and Sanatized. Your Bottling Bucket, Your Siphon Tube, Your Quick Fill Tube and your Bottles.

Sanatation is Most important to make sure your beer succeeds in Conditioning and Carbonating.

So with that in mind, Below you will see my 2 Cases of Empty Bottles. All of the bottles was Cleaned using Really Hot water, scrubed with a Bottle Brush, then Dipped in C-Brite Cleaner, the C-Brite cleaner will sanatize on contact, it will not clean, it just sanatizes. So prepare your bottles first.

After your Bottles are Clean and sanatized. Clean and sanatize your Siphoning tube and other equipment you are going to need for Bottling. Below you will see the process of Siphoning the Fermented Beer from the Glass Carboy to the Bottling/Racking bucket.

Next, which should have been your first step after cleaning bottles, but it don't matter as long as you are careful. You take 1 cup of water and 5oz of Dextrose Sugar for Priming your Beer and you disolve the suger in the water, then you bring it to a boil. After you bring it to a Boil, then you let it cool down, Then you start siphoning your beer into the Bottling Bucket. After you got the flow starting, then you add your suger water while the beer is siphoning into the bottling bucket, this will ensure an excellent mix without getting oxygen into the beer. If you forget to add the suger water in while you are siphoning, add it to the beer afterwords and swirl it around lightly around.

After you got your suger in your fermented beer, whatever method you done, before siphoning or after siphoning, you may need a helper, the less the beer is exposed to oxygen the better. If you want to convert all of your Beer to Malt Vinager then you can leave it exposed. But if you want beer, then you might want a little help from someone. Allow them to fill while you Cap, or you fill while they cap. Either way. This is my Lovely Girlfriend that is Giving me a Hand with Filling my Bottles.

After your helper is done filling the bottles, it's your job to cap the bottles off. Unfortunatly I was unable to get a picture of myself Capping the bottles, here is the end result of your hard work and your patience of waiting for your wort to ferment into beer. 2 Cases of Beer, Bottled, Capped and sitting another week or two to condition and carbenate.

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