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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Testing The Waters! Again!

Well it appears that after testing the water for the afternoon yesterday and part of the morning and til now. It appears that the closet is going to be way too cold to Brew an Ale in.

So I took my old AccuTemp Heater and cleaned it up, oiled the motor. And set it in the closet to attempt to bring up the temp in the closet to bring the temp up in the fermentor as well.

So far it's been a success. The water has been a study 52 Degrees since this morning. I put the heater in on the floor and set it for 75 Degrees.

Needless to say, It went from 52 Degrees up to 65 Degrees with just a rescent Reading. Going to check back at 4:00p and see how the temp is, this should prove to be a successful brewing after I make sure the temp will hold at where I need it.


Allison White said...

My father used to make wine in our garage as I was growing up, but never beer. Can't wait to see if this works out for you!

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


I think I'm going to get into that, but not quite as much as Beer.

My uncle does Wine and he makes some awesome Cherry Wine. It's quite a kicker.

I'll keep everyone Posted on how it's going.

It appears that the heater in the closet is going to work fine.