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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Testing The Waters!

Well, all throughout the day about every 2 hours I've tested the water in the fermentor to get a Tempature.

My Fermentor is in my Closet off the living room. I may have to move the fermentor out, I'm not quite sure if this will be sufficient for fermenting the Wort or not.

I The tempatures are as followed.

Day of the 14th:
2:00p was 74 Degrees
4:00p was 74 Degrees
6:00p was 68 Degrees
8:00p was 66 Degrees
11:30p was 62 Degrees

Morning of the 15th:
7:11a was 58 Degrees
9:23a was 56 Degrees

I'm gonna still read the tempature throughout the day or maybe at least til Noon to see how much of a change there is, if it stays around 56 Degrees or maybe a tad higher, then I May give the closet a Try. Brewing an Ale, which is basicaly what I have, the tempatures require between 55 Degrees to 80 Degrees for fermentation.

I'm hoping the water don't drop any lower, if it does, then I'll just have to drag it outta the closet and try somewhere else. Kinda sucks it's putting a Damper on my Brewing, but at least I'll know what the temp is and where it settles at for certain kinds of Beers.

I may have to use the Closet for Lagar Fermentation and in the bedroom for Ale. Not sure yet. We'll see how it goes.

I'll Keep everyone posted on the progress, this is going to be so fun and So kick ass once I get started.


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