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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Time is Coming!

Is everyone Ready for Christmas? Are you ready for Family Gatherings and the Gife of Giving and Receiving? What are your Plans for Christmas? Are you staying home? Going to Families House for a Gathering?
Do you got your Tree up already? When do you put it up? Alot of things going Hog Wild during the Christmas Holidays and the New Year Holidays that it's sometimes easy to forget even the slightest Details to Dinner, Gatherings, Etc.
Fill me in on what you are Planning this Holiday, I'd like to hear form you. Are you in the Christmas Spirit? Anything special you are looking for on Christmas Day from your Family? Family comeing in From the Army? Navy? anywhere else?
This is my Christmas Tree, Sorry the picture is so Crappy, it was taken with my iPhone in low lighting, so it's kind of dark and fuzzy, but that's Ok, you can see it instead of all my Clutter around the tree, that's not the Christmas presents either LOL. My Tree is 7' 5" Tall. It's a Synthetic Tree.
Every year me and my Girlfriend goto Walmart along with our Boy and we purchase an Ornament of our liking and we put it on the Tree Christmas Day. It's something we started and been doing for the last 2 years now. If there is an ornament that we can't find that we want, then I Let them Choose something out of my Christmas Patterns and I cut them out and we Hang Handmade Ornaments on the Tree.
Do you have a Family Tredition that you do during the Christmas holidays? Do you Eat Dinner then open Presents? Do you open presents when you first get up before Breakfast? Do you open on Christmas Eve or day?
When I was a Kid, we used to Wait all day with anticipation and open our presents after dinner while the adults were cleaning the after Dinner dishes up for the evening. Now since this is long and gone as kids and grown into Adults, we tend to have our own little Tredition that we tend to do with our Kids.
Me and my Girlfriend will Wrap presents of course, and our 10 year old still believes in Santa Claus, so we will wrap while he's in bed or well before christmas, then when we know he's Good and Sleeping, We open the Fireplace Insert like Santa came in, make some Noise with a Bell and yell at the boy and when he gets up we tell him he JUST missed Santa and he left all these presents.
And then we all Dive in, let the boy Play with the Toys for a few hours then send him back to bed and he gets up first thing in the morning and plays with his toys while we get ready to get up and get ready for the morning.
Tell me your Stories, Leave me comments on what you do for christmas and all!


BONNIE said...

Hi Jimmy...just read your blog and was impressed with it but I do have a question for you...why do you call your son "the boy" instead of by his name?? What you wrote was very interesting to me and I1m going to answer it now.
My favorite Christmas was when my kids were young and I had opened the fireplace and taken my husbands boots and put flour on his boot bottoms. I then walked to the kitchen where I ate the cookies and drank some milk. The next morning when the kids got up, they were totally amazed that you could still see Santa`s foot prints on the carpet. They talked about that for a very long time.
Our tradition is to put the tree up the day after the gifts before breakfast at whatever time the kids awaken. I always camcord the Christmas since my grand daughter was born and now she`s 19 and we`ve made new memories since my kids were young. She has the tradition set in her mind to carry on for her family if and when she ever marries. Thanks for asking Jimmy....MERRY CHRISTMAS

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


I didn't expect anyone to Comment on my Post, I've not gotten ANY Comments in a LONG Time on any of my Post.

Anyway to answer your question. I do call him Damian. But I also refur to him as "My Boy" or "My Son" as well. If anyone wanted to know his Name then they ask generally lol. Anyone that already knows his Name, then It's Generaly My Boy or My Son. And it got to be a Habit.

Your Tradition sounds Quite Fun and Creative. I don't think I would've thought of that. I've got hardwood Floors, I don't know if i could get away with the Flour in this house lol, Althou it might be interesting to Try and see what kind of response I get from Damian lol.

Thanks for Sharing Bonnie, Was a lovely Story.